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Choosing the best Education for student

Nisya, the local teacher

Choosing the best education In this modern world, competition is going to be very tight. We are forced to have specific and unique skills to be able to achieve an expected job. The easiest way to get our dream is by working really hard. However, we cannot choose the job if we don’t have the skills. We already understand if each job has different requirement. The better the job is, the harder and complex the requirement it has. Education is the only answer to improve our knowledge. Most parent would ...

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What is Purdue

We love Education

Purdue is often referred as a University located in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S which was established in May 6, 1869. The word Purdue was popular in United States with Endowment at US$2.002 billion in 2012. Some visitor in Unirow Stitma were asking about the word Purdue and the relation with education. Purdue surely has lots of interactions with teaching progress. Purdue has lots of articles about educations which make it another best resources to learn and teaching languages. Teachers were encouraged to learn the new ways in teaching the students. We already ...

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Statement of the Problem Skripsi Chapter 1

Irna Diana is an excellent author who focus in grammar related knowledge

Statement of The Problem. What is it? Statement of the Problem is always available in Chapter 1 Skripsi. It contains various opinion why the author choose the title. Without a problem, there would be a research. It is as simple as like that. Statement of the Problem was listed in Skripsi to make it easire for readers to understand on what the author think to eliminate the difficulties while completing the research. Below is the example of Statement of the Problem created by Irna Diana. A person who feels to ...

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General Overview Instructional Syllabus

Ainisiyah Linatul

Instructional Syllabus Instructional Syllabus is an outline and guidelines in teaching students effectively and easier. Managing times and maximizing available materials are the necessary for successful teaching. Instructional Syllabus help local teacher and it maybe used as the basic tool in teaching. “Instructional Syllable will give teacher knowledge and skills of the method, techniques and activities used in teaching learning process with special emphasizes on communicative language teaching and its application on the techniques of teaching language components and language skills including classroom management.” Instructional Syllabus would be divided in Topic and Subtopic. ...

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Chapter 1 and Review of Related literature in Skripsi

Sampul Skripsi

CHAPTER I always has an INTRODUCTION which consist of Background of the Study, Statement of the Problems, Objective of the study, Significance of the study, Limitation of the Study and Definition of Key Terms. The explanation about Chapter one is available below: Chapter One: an opening chapter which help the reader with the content and focus of the Skripsi. Background of the Study: Reasons to choose the title and any related topic which in fluent the student to choose the title. Statement of the Problems: filled with information about the topic and ...

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