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an Example of Essay or Skripsi in FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE at UNIROW tuban

This chapter aims to discuss the background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, definition of the key term, and organization of the study.
1.1 Background of the Study
Every human being needs beauty in his life. Anyone can create something which he or she reckons beautiful. Beside that the people like to communicate each other. They formerly use body language and gesture as the original ways of communication. Another way human being use is oral communication and the next develop into written one. By written language, people can communicate with others although they do not meet directly.
People create an artistic way in writing to express a thing called literature. Literature is very interesting to study. There are so many valuable things that will be found in the work of literature, especially the problem of human life on the world. Literature tells us about the reality of life variety of human problem. This opinion is supported by Graham little in his book Approach of literature saying that, Literature contains the record of people values their thought, their problem and conflicts and the whole way of life, whether transmitted through the spoken or the written word. He furthermore, states that “literature consists of the problem of human life, and adds to our understanding of life in the world around us” (1961: 1-2).
By reading and comprehending the literature, we will get knowledge, some teaching of life, general truth of science and also moral values which has relationship among human behavior, so the readers get wider sympathy, some pleasant and entertainment. So when we read one of literature, for example drama, we have some purpose to do it. According to Pickering an Hoeper (1966: 1-5) there are some purposes we get. They are:
1. Reading for escape
Some works of the famous authors for example: Treasure island and the wizard of oz “offer exciting narrative because they allow us to escape the problem and responsibilities of our everyday life and to participate in a world of experience that differ radically from our own.
2. Reading to learn
Literature offer the readers knowledge in the form of information is all the more fascinating because it is part of author’s recreated world. Literature gives and serves as a social document. Giving us insight into the laws, customs, institutions, attitudes and values of the time and place in which it was written or in which it is set.
3. Reading to confront experience
One of the most compelling aspects of literature is its relationship to human experience. Reading is an act of engagement and participation. It is also simultaneously and act of clarification and discovery. Literature allows us the chance to overcome. The limitations of our own subjectivity and those limitations imposed by sex, age, social and economic conditions and the times in which we live. The relationship between life rapture and experience, however, is highly reciprocal, it has the power to alter our attitude and expectation.

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  1. another references for simple research about figurative languages.

  2. another references for simple research about figurative languages.

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