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Creating correct Methodology for Research in Essay CHAPTER III

Now, after the Review of related Theory is done, we will need to make a Methodology. a methodology is really necessary to analize the way we process the data. here is my methodology in Jakarta Post (please don’t copy it without asking my permission):
what is a methodology, well,…a methodology is like some kind of ways to make our reports readable and understandable by the reader and to make sure we make a great research based on the rules.
methodology is really important because it told the reader what techniques we used to analyze the data. as you may already know, the wrong data analysis could make the report useless and missleading. so, let’s see the example below.
Research Design
Based on background of the study, the author (myself) trying to identify the figurative language in the Jakarta Post. The research done using descriptive qualitative design by checking the news in Jakarta post and identify the Figurative Language.
Research design describe the opening and classified general ways to analyze the data. now, we need to create Subject of the study which contain Population and sample (because the research design above is Descriptive Qualitative) like as below:

Subject of the Study
1. Population
Population is a complete sample of a something selected to represent the full or complete group. It does only group of person or individual having quality or characteristics in common (Hadi. 1982:220). What is mean by population according to him, it does only refer to person or human beings, but it can also refer to animals or things. In this study, the population is the Jakarta Post.
Population is needed when we need to research a mass data. sample describe the exact selected data from population it self. sample provide the researcher with the selected data to analyze.
2. Sample
Sample is part of population that present all the population and it must be equal in characteristic at all subject (Ary, 1979:129). A sample is a part of population from which the research data are drawn.the sample is hoped to present which the Population since the generalization of research result is for the population.
In this research, the research takes cluster sampling. It is just 4 news from thousands of news.
Here are the chosen sample:
ü Tobacco farmers rally against `extinction’
Suherdjoko, The Jakarta Post, Temanggung | Mon, 05/10/2010 1:00 PM | Headlines
ü RI men’s, women’s teams crush Australia
Agnes Winarti, The Jakarta Post, Kuala Lumpur | Mon, 05/10/2010 1:00 PM | Headlines
ü Chelsea beats Wigan 8-0 to win Premier League
The Associated Press, London | Mon, 05/10/2010 12:02 AM | Headlines
Now, all we need to do is explaining Research Procedure from the data we have collected. we should explain what procedure used to collect the data and the procedure to analysis the data. we must clearly explained so the reader will know exactly if our research is fully eligible, formal, and as the standard or not.

Research Procedure of Collecting the Data and Data Analysis.
To get specific information about the Figurative Language, the Researcher uses Observation and Analysis.
1. Observation
The writer observe news in Jakarta Post using Laptop. While observing, the newspaper was collected randomly.
The observation took the news from date may 10 2010.
2. Analysis
The sample from several news from Jakarta Post is being Analyzed an documented.
Looks at the Observation and Analysis above, both of them explain the analysis and observation used to the data. now read the procedure below to make you understand the procedure to collect the data and how to analize it.

Procedure of Collecting and Analysis the Data
The data of this study is obtained from the instrument stated previously.
1. Collecting the Data
The writer collecting the data by write down the Figurative Language from the randomly chosen news in Jakarta Post. Data was collected based on the Figurative Language found in it.
2. Data Analysis
The collected data was Analyzed by observing (comparing the data with the explanation from Figurative Language earlier)
Lots of Figurative Language was found like in the example in the Chapter II.
Here are some of them taken from sample 1:
Ø “It’s not a political move. We just want to protect tobacco farmers. I’ve talked to Magelang and Wonosobo Regents. They agreed. The others will follow,” Hasyim said after joining a mass prayer attended by about 10,000 tobacco farmers at Temanggung Square on Saturday.
Ø There are an estimated 700,000 tobacco farmers in the country and hundreds of thousands of workers employed by cigarette companies.
Ø “They should know tobacco farmers are also citizens who have rights to live. So, don’t issue regulations that would kill us,” he said.
we are now finished the learning process to make a great METHODOLOGY.
Well, I believe the example above is not the great one in the web, but i believe it will enrich our knowledge in making a methodology.
I’m Linatul Ainisiyah, we will meet again to discuss the other things related to Essay. have a nice day.
(as usual, If you have a question or opinion,feel free to contact me through my email address or by leaving comments in this post.)
Happy reading

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