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Make a good essay or Skripsi in UNIROW part II

1.1 Statement of the Problem
Plays are through necessity literary as well as dramatic works of art, and thus it become relatively simple for us to study the dramatist’s use of language. When we consider the use of language in plays we are always concerned with the dramatic effectiveness of the playwright intention, if a character speak in a certain way, is thereby made more dramatic. So, in this drama the researcher wants to discuss about figurative language used she formulates the statement of the problems as follows:
1.2.1 What figurative languages are included in drama text “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov?
1.2.2 How is figurative language discussed in drama text “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov?
1.2 Purpose of the Study
According to the statement above, the purpose of the study the researcher formulates are as follows:
1.3.1 To know figurative languages are used in drama text “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov
1.3.2 To know how is figurative language discussed in drama text “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov.
1.3 Significance of the Study

After analyzing the story, the researcher gets a knowledge and understanding about figurative language are used in the story. From this case, she hopes that the result of the study will help the students or readers to get knowledge about literary works, and it can help the students who analyze the study on the novel or drama.
1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study
Drama covers a large scope of some elements such as conflict, theme, plot, character, characterization, setting and situation, style and language. So, it is important to limit the scope of the certain item because it is too large to discuss. The scope of the study is literature; the writer wants to limit her study on figurative language in drama text “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov.
1.5 Definition of the Key Terms
The definition of key terms in this study is aimed to avoid misunderstanding, ambiguity and misinterpretation on the terms used. The terms that are necessity to be defined are as follows:
1.6.1 An Analysis
Analysis is to identify the separate parts that make it up (this corresponds roughly to the nation tearing it to pieces) to determine the relationship among the parts and discover the relation of the parts to the whole (Kenny, 1966: 5).
1.6.2 Figurative Language
Figurative language is playwright state thing in other than literal ways.The playwright explains ideas by the use of analogies which can be presented in diferrent ways. (Fauzi ali, 1999: 36 )
1.6.3 Drama
Drama is a scope quite similar to that of purpose fiction, with the difference that it is for acting (Little, 1966:68).
1.6.4 Anton Chekhov
Anton Chekhov is the author of the Drama text “The proposal” from Russia
1.6.5 The Proposal
The Proposal is the tittle of the drama text written by Anton Chekhov
1.6 Organization of the Skripsi
In this search, the written arranges the study into five chapter involving several subdivision.
Ø In chapter I, the researcher divides the contents in seven part. They are background of the study, statement of the study, purpose of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, definition of key terms, and the organization of the study
Ø In chapter II is reviewing of related literature it consist of definition of literature, definition of drama, the element of drama, definition of figurative language, and kind of figurative language
Ø In chapter III is the research methods. The researcher would like to covers the method and procedure of research concerned in this study
Ø In chapter IV, the researcher discuss about analysis of figurative language find in drama text “The proposal”
The last chapter, the researcher tells about the conclusion of the study and also suggestion.

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