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Proposal learning English Faster Chapter I

1.1 Background of the Study
If you read a few books in English, you will see that your English has become better. You will start using new vocabulary and grammar in your school compositions and e-mail messages. You will be surprised, but English phrases will just come to you when you are writing or speaking! Things like the past simple tense and how to use the word “since” will become part of you. You will use them automatically, without thinking. Correct phrases will just appear in your head.
It will be easy to use English, because your brain will only be repeating the things that it has seen many times. By reading a book in English, you have given your brain thousands of English sentences. They are part of you now. How can you make a mistake and say “I feeled bad”, if you have seen the correct phrase (“I felt bad”) 250 times in the last book you’ve read?
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Well, Regarding to the background of the study above, I managed to get some kinds of questions that always bugged me :
1.2.1 How to read faster?
1.2.2 What are the problem that make them unable to read english very well?
1.2.3 What are the problem they face in reading simple stories?
1.2.4 Are there any difference between this method with another? What are they?
1.2.5 How to improve their skill?
1.2.6 How to solve the problems above?
1.2.7 What are the desired result?
1.2.8 Read faster or Read correctly?
1.2.9 How to read faster and correct?
1.2.10 How to gradually and continually improve reading skill?
1.3 Purpose of the study
1.3.1 To find the problem while the student reading a simple story book.
1.3.2 To find out the usefulness of reading skill for students.
1.3.3 To give the best explanation in the “what is the best technique to master english”.
1.3.4 To give the best idea on how to read faster.
1.4 Significant of the Study
1.4.1 To the Teacher
This study is intended to become a source of information for english teacher in choosing the certain techniques in teaching english, so they can teach effectifelly and find out the appropriate methods of teaching english. As the result,the students will be able to learn faster. As a note, the writer (my self ^_^) has tried many methods and this method seem a great method ATM in my environtment (I mean based on the equipment and condition). Feel free to try this method or develop it into the greater way.
1.4.2 To the Student
The students are sxpected to become competent readers which can comprehend the english very well. Having a good reading skill can help them to learn others english skills very fast. However, to achieve that goals, students need to develop their skill at any times.
It is expected this method will bring the light in the darkness for them as reading can save them from certain situation.
1.5 Definition of key term
1.5.1 Read faster and correctly will make students learn english faster.
1.5.2 Read faster and reliable indicate the sudents understand most of the sentences (at least the story line)
1.5.3 Reading skill will improve other aspects such as writing skill, speaking skill, listening skill, grammar skill and many others.
1.5.4 Reading skill is ability in comprehending the text as efficient as possible.
1.5.5 Simple stories books is the reading book written in English.
1.5.6 Junior high school student is a student in the 7th – 9th years in Indonesia.
1.5.7 This activities take a sample on 4 student in which all of them at 8th grade.
1.5.8 Read faster and efficient/correct/reliable are the way the student read at 250 WPM and makes few mistakes.

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