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Research and ELT chapter II in Pondok Pesantren HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN

a) Activity one
The first activity was the teacher coming to the class. Then he was greeting the students. He started to stimulate the students by asking some questions for instanced:
1) Do you know Dora ‘the Explorer’?
2) Who knows Tom&Jerry;?
3) Can you mention one of the best animations movie?
4) Have you ever heard Shin Chan?
5) With whom did he live?
6) Are there any similarities between Shin Chan, Dora and Tom&Jerry;?
Among of them answered the question correctly but some of them answered incorrectly. Finding some of untrue answers the teacher gave tolerant by throwing the questions to other students to answer. This method is one of the teacher strategies to raise the students’ bravery to speak and reveal their idea and imagination. This is the first method of teacher’s error correction and the second by giving the correct answer directly.
b) Activity two
The second the teacher had the student see a picture and then they started to listen the explanation from the teacher on that occasion the teacher explained about Reading.
The teacher began to read the story while the students listened to the story carefully.
Then, the teacher asks them to read the story. Each student reads a paragraph. After a paragraph being read, teacher offered the students to retell based on the paragraph. Sometimes teacher ask them to write the main idea on the white board. Some of then retold the story fluently but most of the got the difficult in vocabulary so what the teacher do to over come this errors? The teacher had his own correction to correct this problem.
If the student doesn’t know the meaning of difficult word the teacher put that word in the sentence and asked the teacher to guess the meaning based of the context, for example when student didn’t know the meaning of the “storm”. The teacher put this word in sentence : You will see the storm if there is a heavy rain. When the heavy rain comes, there is a chance that a storm might happen.
From that then student will think the storm is a condition which often comes when there is a heavy rain.
Some time the teacher used the gesture to show the meaning of the difficult word, and correct them by facial expression.
While in pronunciation the teacher gave the correction by repeating the correct pronunciation after they pronounced the wrong way.

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