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this is the Example of my Research in Pondok Pesantren HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN
This observation was done in PONDOK PESANTREN HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN, The second grade, populated by 24 students, 11 males and 13 females, thought by MUSTA’IN, S.Pd. the observation conducted on Monday, June 02, 2008, take one session of 2×45 minutes, from 7.15 to 8.45 a.m.
The reasons why we choose PONDOK PESANTREN HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN are:
  • The school is developed with the new technique.
  • The Headmaster and English Teacher gave a permission
  • It makes English as a special study.
  • The teacher really know and love English very much
  • It will be excited to see the technique by ourselves to enrich our knowledge.
We had the traditional procedures of asking permission to the headmaster and to English teacher before doing the observation. Data collection was done by direct observation in the classroom. The classroom we observe during the lesson. And that day was about Reading.
Based on research problem above, it can be conclude the objective of the study as follows:
  • To observe teacher how to teach reading.
  • To recognize how the influence of teachers’ error correction
Recent theory on language acquisition methodology supports the position that not all error should be corrected, and those that are corrected should usually not be “treated” immediately (Krashen 1987; 74-76, 116-119; doff 1988: 186-192; Lewis 1993: 164-179; Hunan Ana Lamb 1996: 246-249). This position is based on the fact that errors are normal and unavoidable during the learning process. Also, current theories of how we learn languages recognize that habit formation is only one part of the process.
Error occurs for many reasons. One obvious case is interference from the native language. A learner may make errors because he assumes that the target language and his native language are similar, when in fact they are different. Another obvious cause is simple incomplete knowledge of the target language. A third common cause of errors is the complexity of target language.

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