Friday , May 29 2020

Adding blog to Blogosphere Technorati

After yesterday I made new Post to help Indonesian to learn English, Today UNIROW ENGLISH LEARNER will register the Blog to Technorati for better visibility. the process require to add special code to the new post and in order to fulfill the code, UNIROW ENGLISH LEARNER provide the code with the title JFTTZFBDQ49Y Skripsi for Technorati.

for all English Learner whom will make Skripsi or Thesis as Final Assignment, You can read the Previous Post or you have the option to search it in the search form at this blog. creating the thesis isn’t that hard if you follow the guide. I have created several method on how to create it but it weren’t well structured. you may need to create the title for your thesis and you can read about that at .

Hope this small post mainly created for Technorati didn’t disappoint you as this blog need some visibility. thanks for reading this post and good luck.
Happy reading

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