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UNIROW Reference for Thesis is really needed by the student who will make ‘SKRIPSI’ or Final Assignment before he or she graduated from the University. the Reference for Thesis is really hard to get. I said this Because the reliable sources to get the UNIROW reference for Thesis is as hard as find the Needles in the desert. the Lecturer cannot show the student the exact URL of the site and this mean the student had to find it without any References. UNIROW Reference for Thesis trying to eliminate this problems by supplying the Reference to make ‘SKRIPSI’ or Thesis for all learner who need it. to do so, I need to Know the approved title and the main content of the Thesis. if a student have difficulty creating a title, it is necessary to read the previous posts in this blog. the Reference for thesis will be created once I get the title to learn in my daily activities.

Snap-2011-07-11-14-07-00REFERENCE for Thesis had been a real problem for the student in UNIROW (RONGGOLAWE University) in Tuban. the thesis lack of Reference as the Reference for the thesis is really hard to reach. as an Example, a student created a Thesis under the Title : LEARNING ENGLISH through Traditional Games. the Reference needed is Traditional Games as it is necessary to explain about the Traditional Games. the next Reference would be Learning English. Learning English is a reference to get as it is necessary if you want to know how to learn english. and I do believe it is necessary to get this reference. after both of the references collected, the last reference and the most important of it is finding the Reference which point out IF THE TRADITIONAL GAMES HAVE THE POSSIBILITY TO IMPROVE THE ENGLISH LEARNING PROCESS. you have to prove if Playing Traditional Games Could improve the english learning process as that is the core of the Thesis. once you finished getting the references, your SKRIPSI or Thesis is good to go. see, it is not that hard to create THESIS. the hardest part is to get the References and I may able to help you if needed.

Now after you read all of this, you may ask me where are the references? your references are available on the Internet. most of the times, student in UNIROW get the wrong References. I mean they make Thesis about Traditional Games but the Reference is about Playing Games. it is wrong as the best References would be Playing Traditional Games not just Playing Games. The Reference for Thesis should be related with the Title. sometimes, The Reference for single SKRIPSI or Thesis would take about 20 References until 364 online References. the amount of references needed are based on your skills to get the References. the more references you get, the better Thesis you may made.

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