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Contoh skripsi pendidikan Online UNIROW

After completing Background of the study in CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION, the next step to do is creating Statement of the Problem. what is statement of the problem? statement of the problem is our statement, idea or opinion about the problems which will be researched. below is the continuous step to make an example of “Contoh skripsi Pendidikan at UNIROW.
1.2 Statement of the Problem In view of the fact that students’ errors on the using of the verb “Be” on their composition is one of the important problems that teacher should give attention. It is necessary for the writer to know:
Above in quote is a simple statement of the problem. here are few tips in creating Statement of the Problem at UNIROW:
  1. The problems we are facing on our research are the first things to be included in the statement of the problem
  2. statement of the Problem is easily created if we know what we are going to research
  3. statement of the problem is what halting us on research. so, write down on the paper about those things.
  4. sometimes, we need to write our reasons in creating SKRIPSI, essay or thesis and we will know on the problems.
After getting above things, just make statement of the problem and it will be easy. after creating Statement of the problem, the next lesson is creating Purpose of the study. Purpose of the study contains our hope about this research. basically it list our reason why we doing the research or creating SKRIPSI, thesis or essay. you can also look at ABSTRACT for UNIROW to know more about it. let’s take a look at the example below.
1.3 Purpose of the Study Based on the statement of the problem above, the purpose of the study is to know.
  1. 1. How far is the errors on the use of the verb “Be” in the composition written by students of UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE).
  2. 2. What is the way to eliminate the errors on the use of the verb “Be” in the composition written by the students of UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE).
Yesterday we have finished our lesson about Background of the study and today we learn about Statement of the problem and Purpose of the study. To give better understanding, here are the list to create CHAPTER 1 SKRIPSI:
  1. Background of the Study (do you think it is important to do this research or creating SKRIPSI, thesis or essay? it is basically contains our words why we creating this SKRIPSI, essay or thesis).
  2. Statement of the Problem (create statement contains any problem which encourage us to create this research).
  3. Purpose of the study (why creating this SKRIPSI, essay or thesis? why creating and researching on the research? do you think it will be useful? write the reasons at this category).
  4. Limitation of the study (why limiting on the study? we will learn it tomorrow).
  5. Significance of the Study (we learn about it tomorrow).
  6. Definition of Key terms (after learning point 4 and 5, we will learn about it).
  7. Organization of the SKRIPSI (should we organize the report? we learn about it next time).
So after creating 3 steps above, tomorrow we will learn about LIMITATION of the study. keep learning and believe me, creating SKRIPSI isn’t that hard. Reference and help is given by ARICK from UNIROW.

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