Friday , May 29 2020

Definition of Online Education and Distance Learning

Few hours after posted in this blog under the title Guidelines for Online Education, I receive an email from my friend. She told me about Distance Learning. She said the title should be changed into Guidelines for Distance Learning. She also gave me some reasons. first, Online Education is not well known by some country. The words Distance Learning are commonly used internationally. Distance Learning is the exact words. Second, Distance Learning didn’t only mean mean study via Online but also Study via books or Exams. Distance learning mean study from far away which mean study online or study via Offline. Online Study only mean study via Online access and not the other ways. Last, Distance learning is more suitable than Online Education because of the so many university already use that words.

Basically, Online Education is the same as Distance Learning. Online Education is the new idea based on distance learning. Online Education eliminate the cost for transportation. Because of the flexible times it takes, Online Education give huge benefits. How about Open Education? Open Education is the Education for everyone. It mean people from every ages are welcome to participate. It also used an Online Education for their distance learning. So that is why I prefer to say if Distance Learning is the same as Open Education and Online Education.

Here are the summarize based on my own opinions:

  1. Distance Learning mean learning far away from the University. It may use Books, exams, mail, Internet or other media for the media.
  2. Online Education mean learn far away from the University by using an Online Media. It use Internet as the main medium. Now a days, Using Skype as the media for online presentation become popular. This is by far, is the best choice.
  3. Open Education mean Education for Everyone who want to study. There are no limits in ages. Open Education available Online and Offline. Open Education also used Internet as the main media.

That are the different between each of them. For me, I though they were same. I prefer Online Education which using Internet as the media to be available in every country. Combined with Open Education, so many people would be able to continue the study even if he/she is already had grandchildren. I wish Everyone would be able to continue the education until the highest available grade. Thanks for reading this and I welcome any Contribution, ideas or opinions (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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  1. what is the best online university?

    Any ideas on how to choose the best Online University? I have difficulties to choose one of them due to low information in the internet.

  2. I read about APU (American Public University somewhere) but I don't know if it is the best or not.

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