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Tutorial how to create Skripsi part 3 about Limitation of the Study

unirowYesterday, We have completing Background of the study, Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the study in CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION. We are going to continue our lesson. Today, We need to create Limitation of the study. what is Limitation of the study?  Limitation of the study is a limitation to keep the topic at the right track. It means the topic will be limited. Any non related topic will not be included in Essay, Thesis or Skripsi. why Limiting the Study? We are limiting the study to make sure the topic or research is reliable. How to make Limitation of the study? Read the Example below (Thanks to ARICK from UNIROW):
1.4 Limitation of the Study. Writing composition may be considered the most difficult skill, students’ errors on their composition on the using the verb “Be” is not easily excused, even if the meaning is clear. The students who write composition are expected to write correctly. Based on the statement above, the writer limits the study just on writing composition of narration text. She will give six topics and the students choose one of them. All of the topics are about private experience especially for holidays. The writer only takes the students who are in UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) which consists of 32 students. The writer also limits her analysis on the errors in using verb “Be” on their writing composition. The topic will be limited to only Verb ”BE”.
Limitation of the study will be easily created if we know 4 important tips:
  1. Learn about the topic we choose.
  2. Know other related topic.
  3. Get the statement from expert to support the topic.
  4. Keep focusing on the topic and don’t write to other unrelated topic.
We will discuss each of the step above. Here are the explanations:
Learn about the topic we choose. In the example above, We should learn about the verb “BE”. We have need to do a research in verb “BE”. How to do that? Use this an easy pattern.
  • What is verb “BE”. (write in the paper about Verb “BE”. I encourage to start from the history and continue to why it is popular).
  • Why use Verb “BE”. (Explain why we should using verb “BE”. In the example above, The exact question would be, Are there any replacement to verb “BE”? If you found it, Write it at the paper. It will be useful in Limitation of the Study).
  • How to use Verb “BE”. (Don’t forget to get the info on how to use the verb “BE”).
  • In what condition we should avoid using Verb “BE”? (There must be conditions which prevent us to use verb “BE”. It means verb be can be used but it better to avoid using it).
Know other related topic. There are other topics related to verb “BE”. As the example is Grammar. Verb Be is related with Grammar. Don’t write about grammar other than verb “BE”. Grammar is related with verb “BE” but It doesn’t mean we have to write about Grammar. Just write the relation about Verb “BE” and Grammar.
Get the statement from expert to support the topic. The statement from the expert will support the topic. Without it, the Essay, Thesis or Skripsi will not be accepted. Actually, We can make Skripsi without it if we can explain and give better explanation. The statement from the Expert are available in the internet.
Keep focusing on the topic and don’t write to other unrelated topic. Don’t write to other Topic. Limit the study on the topic only.
Important note: After doing the steps above, Write the limitation in the Limitation of the study. Sometimes, All limitations were not written on the limitation of the study. Knowing the limitations will be useful in the next CHAPTERS.
This tutorial is to create essay, Thesis or Skripsi. Read easy tutorial contains step by steps at this site. Just navigate to each post contains:
  1. Background of the Study. (Numbered 1.1)
  2. Statement of the Problem. (Numbered 1.2)
  3. Purpose of the study. (Numbered 1.3)
  4. Limitation of the study. (Numbered 1.4)
  5. Significance of the Study. (Will be available after this post)
  6. Definition of Key terms. (Available after Significance of the study)
  7. Organization of the SKRIPSI. (Will be posted later)
The purpose of this post is to help student and people who need to create Essay, Thesis and Skripsi. This tutorial brought to you with the help from ARICK (Mochammad Rifa’i) and ID (Irna Diana) from UNIROW.

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