Friday , May 29 2020

Guidelines for Online Education

Online Education or far away education is really important for anyone who had less time but still want to continue the study. Online Education is available in every country. Selecting the best between the other will give many benefits. This post mainly discuss about the Guidelines for Online Education based on the reality and self experiences.

Online Education or often called as Online University (sometimes it also called as Far Away education or Open Education) tried to help people who have less time or limited by hard to reach Geographical areas to continue the study. This kind of University offer flexible time and also reduce the expense due to no money spent for traveling all the times. There are also many study to choose.

One of the biggest fact about them is Low Information and explanation. Let’s take a look for an Example. A someone really want to continue the study but there is no University in his/her local area. She don’t really know about Online University as there are not enough information about it. It seems Online University out there aren’t famous. Offline Universities (University which require the student to coming at the campus) are famous than Online Universities. That isn’t the only problem, Online University also less informative. I experience this by myself. The information about what is the Online University and The study they offer make me really dizzy. Online University have those Information but it is really less informative as the Language are really hard to understand. It uses some legal words which is only confused the new student. That information are really important but creating Human read able information are going to be really helpful. It can be placed in the Blog of Online University or at the Forum. Giving only ‘Law Language’ information is really a bad idea. I believe Human readable information will work better.

In my country, Online University is named as Open University. the information are really less informative and there are no Human language information about it. so, here are some Guidelines for Online University based on my opinion:

  1. Online University must include clear address along with all contact information including Phone and contact.
  2. Online University must list their services on the study they offer and also the status of it whether it is accredited or just registered.
  3. Create Human readable language in their information Center beside their legal information or offer the link on how to get them.
  4. Provides information about how to register and what to do with easy to understand language. I hardly see this on many Online University out there.
  5. other information including fees and additional requirement MUST be provided in the Information center along with Easy to understand language or simply give link on how to understand each rules.

unirowFail to comply these rules may label an online University to be less trusted and applied those Guidelines will make an Online University to be Familiar and being BEST ONLINE UNIVERSITY in this year. I encourage any Online University to create easy to understand information. (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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