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Turotial how to create Skripsi part 5 about Definition of Key Terms and Organization of the content

Below are example of Definition of the Key Terms and Organization of the SKRIPSI. By observing the example below, we can conclude if Definition of the Key Terms can be easily created because it only contains the Definition of the essay, Skripsi or Thesis. The Title need to be defined.

1.6 Definition of the Key Terms. In this part, the writer has a purpose from the definition of the key terms that to give a limitation or explanation about the terms which are used in making the title. The confirmation about the terms also has an intention in order not to get mistakes in understanding the meaning of the words in this title, so that the terms have a clearer meaning. And some of the key terms are defined as follows :

  1. Error analysis : is an attempt to count for learner’s errors by observing, analyzing, and classifying to reveal the learner operating system to acquire target language. (Brown, 1987;166)
  2. Verb “Be” : is word that shows what a person or thing does or is. For example in simple present the verb “Be” which are used are am, are, and, is, (Oxford learner’s pocket dictionary, 1991; 458)
  3. Composition : is part of which something is made. So, composition in this research means the expression of the students’ ideas in writing English sentences (Oxford learner’s pocket dictionary, 1983; 80)
  4. UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE): is one of school in the writer’s regency and it is institution where the subjects of this study are studying. It is a place where the writer conducts her research, the location of UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) is on 61 MANUNGGAL street.

While in Organization of the SKRIPSI (look at the example below), It listed the structure of the SKRIPSI in Chapter 1.

1.7. Organization of the SKRIPSI. The writer arranges the discussion in five chapter:

  • Chapter I : this chapter is concerned with the introduction. It discusses the background of the study, the statement of the problem, objective of the study, significant of the study and definition of the key terms.
  • Chapter II : this chapter deals with the discussion or review of related literature.
  • Chapter III : this chapter is called methodology. In this part, the writer discusses procedure or the research, population and sample, instrument of the data, source of the data and data analysis.
  • Chapter IV : in the chapter, the writer divides into two parts: 1) the result; 2) discussion. The result contains of the analysis of the data. The discussion discusses result of the research.
  • Chapter V : this chapter consists of conclusion and suggestion. The writer can conclude of the study from the discussion in chapter IV and the writer also gives suggestion.

linatul ainisiyah (2)I believe the examples above are more than enough. Definition of the Key Terms and Organization of the SKRIPSI are not that hard to be created. As always, just ask me the question if you got difficulties in creating both of them (Definition of the Key Terms and Organization of the SKRIPSI).

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