Thursday , June 4 2020

How to Learn English by Using Internet

In UNIROW, Students are granted the permission to use the Internet by using Wireless Devices. Unirow has Wi-Fi installed and any students are welcome to use it for learning purposes. The Internet can open up new world and would be a great help for the student at Unirow. It will also could be a real pain if used for the bad things like as playing Online games, download and upload files which have no relation with learning purposes. So, Internet can be really helpful if we know on how to use it. you might ask me “How to Learn English by using Internet?”.

This is the Tutorial on How to Learn English by using internet. I used to use this techniques while I was at Unirow and it encourage me to write my techniques for any student especially student from Unirow. Here are the Techniques:

  1. I know many students love to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In order to learn English faster and efficient, change the interface including language to English. This is important. We might got confused for few days but it will worth it. Changing the interface into English will make us interact with English all the time. We will familiar with the words in English and it is the first step to learn English faster and Efficient. Don’t forget to interact with people who using English as the primary language. Interaction with native speakers are encouraged.
  2. Join the Forum. Forum tend to increase the skills really fast. It is because forums have so many member freely give comments, responds and helps for each of topic that have been posted. Forum is the best place to hang out and learn English for free. There are so many forums devoted for anyone who want to learn English. In the forum, we can ask for any question related to the learning process and we get the answers from so many peoples including native speakers. Each question can be answered quite fast. If we have a question which is really hard or a special question, just posted in the forum and other will give the answers. To get the definition from a word or sentence, Forum is the best place to ask for it. The answers were coming from real people based on their experiences so it will be reliable. Language can change over time so it will be great to get the answer from the real people.
  3. Using Online Dictionary will be great. Online dictionary is updated daily or each time the new words added. Online dictionaries are different with Offline dictionary. Online Dictionaries were updated very often while offline Dictionaries were updated by the user. Offline Dictionary seem to be outdated very fast. If you have Internet Connection, don’t forget to visit Online dictionary whenever there are difficult words encountered.
  4. Read articles from Blogs or News everyday. Starting from the simple articles or news and we could improve our skill very easy.
  5. Playing Online Games which use the English as the primary language along with audiovisual will be great. We can interact with other and familiarize our selves with the English words.

Those are the Tips on HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH BY USING INTERNET. If there is internet connection available near your area, make sure to use it for good use. Wi-Fi in Unirow is a great example. Using it to learn English will be awesome. (Linatul Ainisiyah)
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