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How to Learn English efficiently using Computer

Computer is a media which is getting popular all the time. Computer have been used in many sectors from schools until Industries. Many people also used Computer daily activities. So, we will learn on how to learn English Efficiently by using the Computer. Learning English by using computer is really easy. Looks at the step below:

  1. Use the Computer as the Diary. Why Diary and not just notes or documents? Because new event happen every day, every hours and even every minutes. Writing it in Diary will improve our English for sure because we will write it whenever new event happen.
  2. Playing Music and listen it carefully. Writing the lyrics in the note will help.
  3. Watching Movies and listen to the conversation. Any sub language will help. Don’t forget to write any difficult words from the movie. Pause it for few minutes if necessary.
  4. Using installed software such as Dictionary and Pronunciation software will help improve the vocabulary and pronunciation. Just write any difficult words in it and get the result along with the pronunciation and phonetic transcription.
  5. Playing games which is fun and educative can improve the skills. By playing such games, we got lots of words to memorize and  will enhance our Vocabulary. Pronunciation will improve because the games said the words all the time with good pronunciation.

That are the ways to make use of computer as the learning media. so, HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH EFFICIENTLY BY USING COMPUTER? Here are the answer:

  1. Write daily activities in computer and use the word suggestions and (built-in) dictionary to help correcting the words. Sometimes we write the English words incorrectly and this features help us to use the correct words. The efficient way to learn English using this method is by writing the difficult words in the note whenever we found it.
  2. Select the favorite music and try to write the lyrics at the notes. Using this idea will not only improve grammatical but also pronunciation. So many new words can be found from the lyrics. To learn English efficiently, just make sure to choose the proper songs. Songs from native speakers will work best.
  3. Select movies which is fun and using proper English.Learn English efficiently can be achieved by selecting the proper movies. Many movies such as Harry Potter, Narnia, Spiderman and thousands of the others are good choices. Such games speak the English words clearly as they were the native speakers.
  4. Dictionary Software and Pronunciation spelling are available and should be used to improve the skills. We can learn English efficiently if we use the proper words and pronunciation. Try to write words without any mistakes. Using Dictionary will be a good idea.
  5. Choose only educative games. Games can influence our life. By selecting Educative games which is fun and educative, We can improve our skills greatly. Learning English can be efficient if we familiar with all English words. While playing games, Thousands new words will be added to the vocabulary.

That are the tips to LEARN ENGLISH EFFICIENTLY. Maybe you have been learn English all the time from elementary school till now. the steps above is the efficient ways to learn English in daily activities. If you were learning English using the common ways, It maybe a good idea to try the tips above. I believe the tips above still need some improvements. I have tried myself and if there are any ideas or opinions, I’ll gladly accept it. (Linatul Ainisiyah)
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