Thursday , June 4 2020

How to Learn English Faster by using Camera

Camera is a tool used to generate or take various picture. Most of us have a camera at home. In fact, everyone have a camera in the pocket.While at UNIROW, I used to use my camera to take thousand of pictures. A camera can be used effectively as a tool to learn English faster  After few days ago I wrote several tips on How to learn English faster using Internet, Phone and Computer, Today is the time to give another tips on How to Learn English Faster using Camera.

Camera is available at phone. Many phones have camera as the feature. Use this as advantage to learn English faster and efficient. Always bring the camera wherever we are and whatever we do. Camera can produce pictures. Each picture Describe thousand words.

Learning by using Camera is basically possible. I even encourage all my student to learn English faster and efficient by using Camera. If you were curious about it, here are the tips:

  1. Take a picture by using Camera whenever there are free times. I recommend to take picture while in class. After get the picture, don’t forget to write simple story based on it. Start it by describing the picture. This will improve the writing skill along with other skills too.
  2. While at Library, whenever you meet a book or a page which is interesting, Take a picture of it by using Camera. Don’t forget to give it brief explanation too. This tips is great if there are books which are good but we are not allowed to borrow it.
  3. Take a picture using Camera when there is a good moment. The picture can be uploaded at the social network such as Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to give better description using English words.
  4. Last, take picture using the Camera whenever you found a something which you don’t really like. Don’t forget to give simple idea on why you don’t like it. It will improve the skill to express the idea which is really important in daily activities.

Camera can be used effectively by each people to learn various skills. In addition, I have used this technique while I was at Unirow and it proves to be really useful. Camera can help me learn English faster and efficient by writing description of each pictures at my book (Diary), Computer and social network.

Learning by using any material around us is the key to success. I remember when my professor said this. Since the first time I enter Unirow in 2005, I have used any material around to learn English. Started by using Books, Dictionaries, Phone, Computer, internet and Camera. I also use other materials which is always available at every Universities. Learn English faster and efficient is not that hard if we can use any materials around us as the learning media. I wish any student worldwide would be able to learn faster and fun. I wrote few techniques on how to learn English faster and efficient few days ago. Just navigate to “How to learn English faster using mobile phone” or “How to learn English faster using Internet” or else “how to learn English faster using computer”. If you need the information on “how to learn English faster all the time”, Just find it in the archive. Keep study hard. (Linatul Ainisiyah – a teacher at local school).
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