Thursday , June 4 2020

How to Learn English Faster by Using Mobile Phone

Nowadays, everyone want to be able to speak and write English fluently. Every Job’s Offer always listed it in their requirement. We are in modern world which mean We can interact with other people all around the world everyday, anytime. Talking and Tex-ting other people from various counties are possible if we understand the language used by them. Of course we don’t need to learn all of their language. We just need to learn the Global Language used by all people around the world. English is the global language used by almost all countries worldwide. Learning English can open up the world. It make us able to communicate with all people worldwide. Usually, We communicate with them by using phones. So it will be a good idea if we can use the phone to learn English. Almost everyone had phone, right? I will Tell you on HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH FASTER by USING MOBILE PHONES.

Learning English using Mobile Phones is really encouraged. Why? because it will improve our English faster than other ways. We can learn English all the time by using Mobile Phone. We always bring mobile phones almost all the times. It means Learning English all the time is possible. To learn English using Mobile phone, We don’t need any application installed. Applications can be installed if you require more functionality. I assumed no application installed as I don’t like to install any application in my phone (except for the important applications including Dictionaries and browsers):

  1. There is an Advanced menu in Mobile phone called as Dictionary T8. To test it functionality, just type A and than W and don’t type anything. We will see words AWARD or AWAIT and other words pop up. By playing with this feature, We can improve our knowledge.
  2. Using Dictionary in Mobile Phone can improve our English greatly. Just write any difficult words in notes or draft. Open Dictionary and get the meaning, description and example of sentence from that words. It will improve English faster if used correctly.
  3. Using Mobile Phone as Diary. Always write any activities in Mobile Phone as notes or drafts and combined with great features such as T-8 and Mobile Dictionary, Learning English can be fun.
  4. Records voices whenever it possible and write in notes. Records any voices from native speaker or our selves and try to write the sentences into notes or drafts. By doing it, Improving Vocabulary and grammar can be easy.
  5. By using browser in Mobile Phone, always use it to search any difficult words which is not available in dictionary. Slang words and idioms are not available in Dictionary. Using browser to search for it will be a good idea.

That are the Steps on HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH FASTER BY USING MOBILE PHONES. Unleash the power of your phone by using all features supported. Learning English can be fun by using those steps above. I recommend anyone including to learn English by using any available media around us. Mobile Phone is the best media in my opinion. Let’s learn English faster. Keep moving forward. (Linatul Ainisiyah)
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