Friday , May 29 2020

Latest news about Skripsi in English

Skripsi is a terrific moment for some people while the other (including me, myself) think Skripsi is a something fun. It have been few days no progress about Skripsi. I‘m busy helping friends whom learn at UniRow. Anyone who want to make a Skripsi, just navigate to Chapter I to start over. Before doing so, it might be a good idea to read about Skripsi first. I recommend to read Why Creating Skripsi for more info.

After read both posts in above links, head to Chapter I.(Chapter 1). In chapter one, there is two examples of Background of the Study available. Statement of the Problems also publicly visible in this blog. Purpose of the Study is available in the archive. I wrote about it last year and this month. It means I have two examples of “purpose of the Study” available in this blog.

Significance Of the Study was written in this month and also in 2010. I forget the month but I definitely write it last year. Limitation of the Study also available in the Archive. I remember wrote about it last week. The last part, Definition of the Key Terms is the last Sub Chapter in Skripsi Chapter I(Chapter 1). I remember wrote about Definition of the Key Terms last week.

Skripsi Chapter II(Chapter 2) is still under process. I have written about Chapter II Review of Related Literature few days ago. The next sub chapter in Chapter 2 will be written in the future if I had some spare times. Please understand as I did it myself with help from few people. I created the Skripsi with my own ideas so it will not same with other. I prefer creating it from the ground because I believe copy pasted from other is a bad idea. I even didn’t write my first Skripsi here. The Skripsi here is given as Example only and “as it is”. Because it is just examples, copy it is prohibited. by asking for permission, you may able to get the parts or all of the document from this blog. I write this here because I saw my works being posted in another site without permission. I do didn’t matter about it. I just don’t like it. Just remember, anything in this blog is only example to help others learn faster.

If you face difficulties in creating your Skripsi, reading about Tutorials and Example of Skripsi may able to help you. The biggest challenge in creating Skripsi in English are the use of words and the structures of it. Many people fail to create Skripsi in English is because the lack of English skills. Learn about English is recommended. I have written few tutorials on how to learn English faster using materials around us. Teacher are suggested to read the tutorials on how to learn English faster. This post is just contains information about Skripsi and How to Learn English Faster. Just read the articles in the archive to find out on how to learn English fast. The articles written here is based on my own experiences while learning and engaging with English. (Linatul Ainisiyah – Writer and also teacher at local school).
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