Thursday , June 4 2020

Learn English Faster and fun by doing some exciting activities

Today, I got a letter from a someone in unirow. He asked about How To Learn English Faster. Learn English faster is possible. I used to use different method than what the teacher teach at school. This method combine between hobby and environment. I love both reading books and playing games. I have learnt English by using those methods for years. The most interesting thing is playing games. Learning English while playing games is possible. While playing, I got familiar with lots of words in English. I knew how to write sentences in English because the games often show the correct structures of the sentences. I began understand how to write sentences in English because I often see the words while playing it. I prefer games which are having lots of sentences.

How to learn English faster? Learn English Faster can be easy if it is fun. It is true. Learn anything can be fast and fun if it is interesting. Using the hobbies to learn English is recommended. Any hobbies can be used to learn English. From philately, reading books until painting and more are the examples of hobbies which can be used to improve our English. If you love to play games (like as myself), It is a good idea to improve our skills by playing games. Many games are available. It is recommended to play only educative games. Educative games isn’t boring games like as what all people used to think. Educative games can be fun if we got the right games. Each people have their own judge on each type of games. I love playing Simulation games and Real-time strategy also Adventure Role Playing Games. Those type of games have been proven help me improve my English faster than the other method.

Learn English faster can be achieved after able to read English faster. To read English faster, study English quickly is a must. so the question would be how to improve English quickly? by using fast easy English through hobbies, Learn English can be fast and fun. ESL fast English which mean Learn English faster even if English was using as Second Language is recommended to use the hobbies or other exciting things to learn English faster. Read English quickly and speak English fast are the indicators on how fast we learn and understand English.

Using Environment to learn English faster is interesting. By using any Material related with geographical location will be great. Anything around us including but not limited to television, computer, mobile phones and other could be used to learn English fast. Previous post about How to learn English using mobile phone and learn English efficiently using computer are the examples of it. Anything can be used to learn English as long as we have the spirits to improve our skills. Learning English can be fast if it is fun and exciting. doing hobbies is fun and exciting. Start learning English from our hobbies and we will not only get excitement but also improve the skills in learning English . (Linatul Ainisiyah revised by Mochammad Rifai)

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