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Tutorial how to create Skripsi part 4 about Significance Of The Study

unirow tubanCouple of days ago, We have learnt on How to make Skripsi, Essay or Thesis starting from Background of the study and continued to Statement of the Problem, Purpose of the study and Limitation Of The Study. All of them have been discussed in CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION. So, What is the next lesson to learn? we are going to learn Significance Of The Study. Significance Of The Study usually contains our hope about the Skripsi, Thesis or Essay. Basically it means, the research or Topic is Significance to several purposes. It may useful for Teacher, Student or Other. Collect any reasons why we write the research or Skripsi. Do you think it will be useful? for Whom? Just answer those questions and We will be able to write the Significance Of The Study. (thanks to ARICK from UNIROW). Let’s take a closer look at given example below:
1.5 Significance of the Study. The research can be an entering material which is needed in development of English studying, especially for teaching structure in the next turn, so students can increase their ability in mastering structure or grammar especially on using the verb “Be”. This research is hopped to give a description and information to:
  1. The students
  2. Teachers
  3. Schools as an institution of education.
    • 1.5.1 For Students. This research can increase the students understanding about structure or grammar in English, especially on the using of verb “Be” in their ability of writing skill, mainly writing of narration composition. And also from this research, they can get more experience in using the verb “Be”. So that they can know how far their ability in using the verb “Be” correctly to increase their mark on English lesson.
    • 1.5.2. For Teacher. With experience of using the verb “Be”, the English teacher can know how far their students master this material, so that the teacher, in arranging program of studying especially for structure and also using the verb “Be”, they are always careful because of structure is one of the important thing on studying language especially on English language. As the second benefit from this research for English teacher is so that they can bring up their students to master structure or grammar, especially on using the verb “Be” on their writing composition. And the last, it can give contribution for English teacher on teaching the verb “Be” well to their students in UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE).
    • 1.5.3. For School. It is hopped can give the description about how far the students of UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) master this material. So that school as an institution of education can make students with high competence on English lesson. So the students can get a good job after graduating from that school.
    Significance of the Study is written after  we create Background of the study, Statement of the Problem, Purpose of the study and Limitation Of The Study. To give brief explanation, Significance of the Study is given a number of 1.5 and The other also got their own number. look at this illustration:
    1. Background of the Study. (Numbered 1.1)
    2. Statement of the Problem. (Numbered 1.2)
    3. Purpose of the study. (Numbered 1.3)
    4. Limitation of the study. (Numbered 1.4)
    5. Significance of the Study. (Numbered 1.5)
    6. Definition of Key terms and. (Numbered 1.6)
    7. Organization of the SKRIPSI. (Numbered 1.7)
    Significance of the Study isn’t that hard to be created as long as we know who will benefit from the research. The tutorial about Significance of the Study below is posted here with help from Arick at UNIROW. Other Tutorial including step by step on how to make Skripsi also available at this blog.
    Linatul Ainisiyah (The Author of this Blog)

    Happy reading

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