Wednesday , June 3 2020

How to Learn Faster By Doing Research

As of today, I still help ‘unnoticed professor’ to do some researches. I will write not about the researches as I don’t want to spoil the result on the researches. However, I will write here some of the ways to learn by doing research. I call this a tutorial or guide on how to learn faster by doing research. this is not necessary for many student but doing so may help to improve the skills. As for student in UNIROW, this could help them to develop their skill even more. This tutorial may specifically called as How to learn english faster by doing research. It is possible to learn faster by doing research. Learn english faster by doing research is recommended. It as same as learn other study faster by doing some researches. Research itself mean doing some intensive and extensive test on the object. The definition above only come from my mind. I believe everyone should have their own definition based on their experiences even they know the general definition of it. I learn about that from Arick whom taught me in UNIROW couple years ago.

There are lots of researches to chose. an easy research is recommended for the beginner. The easy research such as research on everyday life. An easy research mean research which is only use few material and less methodologies. It only research few aspect without considering for other related aspect which can alter the result of the research. So, How to learn faster by doing research? First, Learn faster by doing research means you have to make a documentation on every activities taken in the research. Even a little things should be written in the documentation. This would accelerate your skills. You may have taught the general knowledge of it but by doing it in research, you feel it by yourself and therefore would stimulate your brain to ask more question and think more faster. A research conducted by the professor stated if doing research would make the researcher having more question to ask and make them even more smarter because they used their brain more often with the correct method. It means researchers would be able to absorb more knowledge other than student who didn’t do some researches. It is true as I have feel it by myself. Second, Learn Faster by doing research means you have to learn other general knowledge and any necessary information related with the research. It means the researchers have the possibility to master other knowledge without being noticed. It is true as most researchers always learn other things even if they never learn the related knowledge before.

So, How to learn English faster by doing research? Learn English faster by doing research means write any information using an English words. Use proper english grammar. If you cannot do it, just write using your own grammar but always check it later whether it is correct or not using the dictionaries. It will improve your English faster. Learn English faster by doing research is possible because the researchers will know much more words he never knew and also able to make good sentences because the researchers always use dictionaries whenever there are difficult sentences to create. As conclusion, It is possible to Learn English faster and also Learn other study/knowledge faster by doing research. It is because research would make us learn so much new knowledge that will enrich and improve the skills. So, if there is a question about is it possible to learn faster by doing research or How to learn english faster by doing research and similar question like that,  the answer is: It is possible to learn faster by doing research. Read the reasons above. Note: due to some researches and teaching activities in real life, I may not be able to write in this blog everyday. Keep learning and thanks for reading this. LINATUL AINISIYAH.
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  1. Thanks for helping me with the references on my research. I would like to help you on your researches but it looks like I have no qualities in doing so.
    Thanks for your helps.


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  3. @Anto Rahardja: I'm glad to hear that my writing could help you. judging from your comment, I believe you had more skills in doing research.btw, thanks for your comment.

  4. @DerbyNadia: I do a new blogger from Tuban. I have visited your site but it redirect to .com domain. I see you provide new social network. Good luck for you. 🙂

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