Friday , May 29 2020

Daily Update Halted due to real life Activities

Writing Articles and documents are really exciting. Drinking tea in the morning while writing an article is really an enjoyable activity to do. However, due to so much jobs to do (related with a research in UNIROW ASIA), I couldn’t write articles anymore in the morning. I do still drinking tea as it only took 3 minutes to make and drink it. Yes, I have new job in the morning that make me change the old schedule.

Blog is like a diary for some people. For me, Blog is more than a diary. I write lots of Articles, Share hundreds of new techniques and expose the possibility to learn faster than ever. However, due to real life activities, I find it difficult to keep updating this site.

I have written several new ways on how to learn faster but I still haven’t tried it. One characteristic of me is thinking about new idea to learn faster, tried it by myself and implement it before releasing to the public. I have written few articles during busy activities and it looks terrible. I knew it was bad because I used to write lots of articles in the past. It seems I have lost my abilities to write articles. I read it couple of times and I see the content has no clear thesis in the beginning and not well organized. The first and second paragraph seems didn’t match. The clarity is also bad. I used lots of repeating verbs couple of times (Like in this post). Parallel structure and rephrasing also occurs in few paragraphs. I found few grammar errors but they didn’t interfere with comprehension. However, I didn’t see any punctuation and spelling errors. That are the reasons why those articles were not published. After being corrected, I may publish it later.

This post were written when I have free times and high speed internet connection. As many of you might already know, I couldn’t bring with me a laptop. I just bring my phone and it really difficult to keep updating this site through mobile phone. Writing articles is not like writing a short story. I use triple check to make sure the articles is well written, have good structure and easy to understand. I use my own style which my professor call it “too childish”. Yes, I use too simple words to make sentences. However, I found out it is helpful for almost all of readers. That’s the reason I never use ‘formal sentences’ like the Noble in England did. In fact, I may already forget to make sentences like the Noble did as I never use it in my daily activities.

I will try to update this site in daily basis, I have some free times in the night and I may able to use it to write few articles. I’m not promising it because I often feel tired after working from the morning till the dawn. I’m start thinking to add new author for this blog but I don’t know it is a good idea or not. I’ll think about it later. For now on, the most important things is keep updating this site as I could by uploading new articles and documents. I wish this post could explain why I didn’t update this site for few weeks. feel free to write your comment here as I believe I could reply it as soon as possible. This is like my first writing and I wish I could write articles like as few months ago. Thanks for reading this. written by NISYA (LINATUL AINISIYAH).

Edited: correcting few words and deleting useless sentences. 🙂
Happy reading

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