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Tutorial how to study limitation definition

Student in UNIROW learn to be great teacher. Their lecturer often give them assignment to create a summary of Skripsi or conclusion of Thesis. This task is a nightmare for almost all student. Many of them didn’t know how to create a summary of Skripsi or a conclusion of Thesis. Learning English in UNIROW is a good choice. Many lecturer use different techniques in teaching. They often give their student an assignment which need references from internet. Most of the times, They ask the student to get lots of materials related with assignment from internet without further explanation. One of the biggest challenge for them is creating Limitation Definition. This is why UNIROW-STITMA.NET trying to help them by publishing tutorial how to study Limitation definition.

What is Limitation Definition? Limitation Definition are divided into two categories. the first category is Limitation of the Study and the last is Definition of the key terms. Limitation Of the study is a part which always available at chapter 1 in Skripsi and Thesis. Limitation of the study is a technique to limit the research or study. Without limitation, the Skripsi or Thesis will not be relevant as it contains another data which is irrelevant with the topic. For example, a student make a Skripsi about learning Past tense using computer. The Skripsi should only contains Past Tense and the reason using computer as the material. Limitation of the study isn’t that hard to be created. This link has information about Limitation of the study. ARICK from UNIROW made a research about Limitation Definition. He said limitation definition is the easiest things in chapter 1.

Definitions of the key terms is also another things which is easy to be created. thesis and Skripsi always had this section in Chapter one like as Limitation of the Study. Topic or title need to be explained. This is the reason why Definition of the key terms is useful. By explained Topic or Title, readers will have general view of the content. They will be able to identify the importance of the research and also could interpret the writing. Definition of the key terms explain the topic, title and also other words or sentences which is important for the readers. Defining the title is a must. without doing so, reader will have hard time to understand the topic. be sure to read some info about Definition of the key terms.

Both Definition of the key terms and Limitation of the study are the important part of Skripsi or thesis. Below is the tutorial how to study limitation definition:

  1. pick a title and write it in the paper. Use only two or three words for the first test.
  2. make a simple definition of it.
  3. ask this simple question: What is the topic about?

this is an example

  1. learn English
  2. Learn is process to identify and understand a something. English is International language used by people worldwide.
  3. learn to understand English as a language.

That is the simple tutorial to study limitation definition. It is created as simple as possible so everyone will be able to follow the tutorial. It is expected that student from UNIROW will have no difficulties in following this tutorial. The key to successfully teach people is to make the tutorial easily follow able by learner. Further Tutorial will be posted in the future. Written by NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah 2005C).
Happy reading

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