Thursday , June 4 2020

tips to learn english for DIARY IRNA DIANA in UNIROW

DIARY IRNA DIANA in UNIROW: is a private blog focusing in teach student on how to create a something. The articles were written systematically to make it easier for the reader to follow the tutorials. contains ideas and also some tips to solve difficult question. Almost all assignment given by lecturer from UNIROW were answered in that site. Student also have an option to learn about it at the site or learn by analyzing the samples. provides samples of each assignments and also give student simple description of everything. Basically, If you learn at UNIROW, is the best place for you to spend the times, otherwise, visiting UNIROW ONLINE NEWS is a good idea.
Learning English in is easy as long as the tips were followed. There are seven tips to learn English in UNIROW. the tips are:
  1. Listen each of study carefully. It means always pay attention to the study while at class. Keep your phone silent and focus on the lecturer. Student who listen to the lecturer have greater opportunity to understand about the study pretty fast than the student who didn’t pay attention at the study.
  2. Write any important things given by lecturer. It is important to follow each study and write any difficult words, or write the summarize from what the lecturer said. Keep writing important information using your own book which is small and easy to bring at every places. Doing this will make student understand each study really fast. This tips is the most essential compared with other. However this tips will be useless if the student unable to understand on what the lecturer said.
  3. Create your own formula about everything. This will help you learn about everything faster. If your lecturer said learning to write sentences in English require to study grammar first. Then your formula is (Learn English = possible if understand grammar). There is formula for each study. Create your own formula based on your thinking and you will find yourself being smarter student without noticing it. This is true if you really understand to create formulas.
  4. Repeat to study again in the night. If you study about what you have learnt in the night, There are chances that you will be smarter than other student. Doing this every night and there will be no difficult assignment.
  5. Applied the study at daily activities. It is a good idea to apply any knowledge we have got at daily activities. Whenever we learn a something, make sure to apply it in daily activities. Failed for doing so may result in big trouble at future.
  6. Create Group consist of student to learn about any study given by lecturer. This is not good idea to learn faster but it is better than do nothing. This is the best tips if you find yourself have hard times to understand the points from your lecturer. This is not he best tips to develop individual skills but it is recommended for everyone.
  7. Learn from Internet. Internet is sources of information. many websites provide specific and detailed info about almost everything we need. Make sure to join a forum to improve skills. Furthermore, read and listen or watch videos about each study are really good idea. There are always lots of things available at internet.
That are the tips to study English at UNIROW. the tips are applicable to other study. Just make sure to follow the tutorials above and everything will be fine. The tips are given here for free courtesy of NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah). Written by ARICK (Mochammad Rifa’i – a student from UNIROW).

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