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Research on the use of L1 in English Class of the Eleventh Year Student

The great phenomena in today world is people learn foreign language, especially English as international language in Indonesia, English is taught in the class as second language learning. In English teaching learning process, the learners often face many problems. It is caused the students are low proficiency in English and the degree of similarities between English and Indonesian is low. So, lot of the teacher use the L1 in the class to solve this problem. However, the use of L1 in English class is controversial issue. Some experts out there believe if using L1 will degrade the effectiveness of the study. It is a hot issues in local schools and universities. There are some lectures who really hate student whom using L1 during teaching process simulation. The lecturers said using L1 is the same as not teaching English.

Based on the background above, the researcher wants to conduct a research about the use of L1 in English class. This study aims to know how often and on what occasions the L1 is used in the classroom. A RESEARCH ON THE USE OF L1 IN ENGLISH CLASS OF THE ELEVENTH YEAR STUDENTS IN VARIOUS SCHOOL will prove whether it is a good or terrible idea to use L1 in english teaching classes. An extensive study was held previous weeks ago and by the help of Mochammad Rifai, it finally done today. Judging from the process and the research, the result is very accurate. For getting the accurate result, the writer needs the data which was collected by interview, observation, questionnaire and deep extensive research. The questionnaires are distributed to a English teacher and 16 student of the eleventh year as subject of the study. Questionnaire is used as the lowest priority to determine effectiveness of using L1 in an english class. It was given to 150 student in each different classes in each schools. The Observation was done while the teacher teaching at class. while doing this study, teaching process isn’t affected at all. It is done by using hidden camera with the agreement from head master and the teacher whom teaching at class. This is to make sure the result is eligible and very accurate. 4 camcorders powered were installed. This took more than 2 hours in each teaching progress. The study was being held in each different class and in different schools. The interview is the most enjoyable part in this research. It also the longest part because each interview took more than 45 minutes to complete. Sometimes, more than a half and hour is needed due to lots of information gathered. The subject of this research were 75 student and 23 teachers. It consist of 25 student that answered the questionnaire and 25 student who is being recorded while teaching process took place in class also 25 student chosen randomly from different 10 schools. There were 18 teacher join the interview. They were the teacher whom related with this research. 5 Teachers were the english teacher chosen randomly. One of the teacher was failed to be interviewed because of accident. Doing review in hospital is not a good option. So the teacher who is being interviewed are 22 teachers.

The result of this research shows that the L1 was used by lots of teachers whom teaching english in local schools. Both students and teacher responded positively toward it use. The results indicate that L1 is used to explain difficult concepts, give instruction and order, explain complex grammar points and to translate difficult words also to charm the situation. Teachers use lots of jokes to attract the student and using L1 I looks great. Imagine what will happen if L1 isn’t being used in class and the teacher says jokes but no one understand it.

It is a good idea to use L1 in english class if the student have low proficiency in english. I recommend to use L1 as it is a good idea to keep the communication between teacher and student. However, if the student have greater skills in english, It is a bad idea to use L1. Using L1 in english class with student whom having greater skills is allowed but only use it if necessary. Using L1 all the times is bad ideas. However, using L1 in L2 english class is depend on the student. Not every student have great skills. In fact, their skills were varies each others. There were student with very good skills and the other have very poor english skills. The uses of L1 is based on the teacher judges. L1 is not bad as what the lecturer said. Using L1 is depend on the teacher’s abilities in teaching and student’s skills. Forcing not to use L1 in L2 English class is depend on the teacher choices. I do believe using it is not bad. The bad idea is not using it while there are lots of student have very low proficiency in english. This research indicates if L1 can be a good option for teachers whom teaching student whose have very low proficiency in english. (written by Linatul Ainisiyah and with help from Mochammad Rifai from UNIROW).

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