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How DUTA ILMU TUBAN work and Operate business

In 2010 (estimated), DUTA ILMU TUBAN was established. It then sold its first book, which shipped from popular printing books. There is a rumor if DUTA ILMU TUBAN is also printing some books. In 2011,  DUTA ILMU TUBAN sells lots more books and has sites serving hundreds of customer, with more than 3 fulfillment centers around the city totaling more than a thousand square feet of warehouse space.

DUTA ILMU TUBAN is the books seller located in TUBAN, East Java Indonesia. It currently have few stores located in almost every city in east java. As the books seller DUTA ILMU TUBAN have sold lots of books to teacher and also student. It is estimated that more than a thousand of teacher use their services. It means thousands of books have been sold out. DUTA ILMU TUBAN  also sold books which contains on how to learn faster. The books are especially designed for student but it also useful for teacher as well. The company owns dozens of books on e-commerce that make is really popular in the end of 2011. In this article, we’ll find out what DUTA ILMU TUBAN does, what makes it different from other company and how its services supports its multi-pronged approach to online sales.


DUTA ILMU TUBAN sells lots and lots of books. The direct DUTA ILMU TUBAN-to-buyer technique approach is the most extensive. It also well known for its range of products. You could get books about beauty, how to leran faster, student worksheet, teaching guidelines, how to do sports, how to raise pets, magazines, musical books, books about a movie, Critical books, science, general knowledge, gardening books and almost anything else you may want to learn in daily activities. What makes DUTA ILMU TUBAN a giant is in the advanced details. Besides its awesome and huge product range, DUTA ILMU TUBAN makes each customer get great experience in every sales.

DUTA ILMU TUBAN also popular for the new sales innovation. They starting to introduce their “discount in everyday” to their customer. It is the most effective ways to attract more buyer to the store. Many people always want to buy a something if they really need it. When two store or more also sell the same stuff, the buyer always buy the stuff from the seller which give discount on their product. “Discount in everyday” had turn into great sales. More customer was buying lots of books.

The techniques which also popular with the name of “discount in lifetime” is probably the greatest example of the company’s overall approach to sales: Know what your customer want, a nice approach. DUTA ILMU TUBAN is really care with the customer. They may ask you about what you want when you buy a something and thus it will be added to their future services. In the future, your wish list may have been added to improve their services for the customer.

The other main feature that puts DUTA ILMU TUBAN on higher level is the DELIVER BOOKS TO THE CUSTOMER’s DOOR strategy it employs. DUTA ILMU TUBAN lets a teacher sells books to their student and give the teacher a reward. It have attract lots of teacher to be in partner with the company. Since 2010, lots of teacher join the network and mean huge profits for the company. DUTA ILMU TUBAN also sell varieties of books. By stocking lots of books, they give the customer lots of books to choose and also give them each description of it. With lots of choices, a buyer have a freedom to choose what books to keep and to trash it.

In 2012, DUTA ILMU TUBAN is trying to improve their site by hiring lots of talented people with a single goal to make everyone knows about their excellent services. This is not an easy job for them but they have tried lots of possible things to make it come true. Online sales is their priority in 2012. They have learned about selling online books and decide to try selling books online. With their infrastructure, It possible to sell books online. The problems is the visibility. Almost many books seeker didn’t know their existence and thus made them lost their chances to attract more sales.

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