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How to learn faster translating a language into another

Interacting with lots of people from all country is possible today. Phone and internet make it easy for us to communicate with them. While dealing with conversation, a problem may arise. How do we understand their language. learn all of their language? Yes, it is a good choice but it will spend lots of times. We just need to learn English and all the problem will be gone. English is the worldwide language. Everyone should use it because it is the international language at this time.
To understand their language, we need to translate what they said into our language. It is really much works and the result maybe wrong. Translating a language into our language is not an easy job. Make a single mistake and the translated words will be different from the original meaning. Translating a language is challenging for all student who learn English. It will make them able to construct lots of sentences as they learn it from the people whom is usually a native speaker. So it will improve the skills in creating sentences and at the same times made them able to identify difficult words and translate it without a problem.
To learn faster translating words into another one, It is really easy. We can use online services such as Google translate or another online translator. The important part at this stage is using our skills. Don’t just rely on the online translator. It doesn’t mean we simply leave it. If you are beginner or often dealing with difficult words, then use the services. But after use it, Don’t just forget the difficult words. Write it in the notes will greatly aid you in future. read how to How to Learn English All the Time if you need more info about it.
Writing difficult words in notes is a good habit. It will make us able to translate words without the need of online translator or other services. It will enhance our vocabulary and at the same time make us smarter than before. It is necessary for us to understand the language used by lots of people when we interact with them. The key to successful relation and to keep it steady is to understand what they said. We do it by translating their language to our language. The translation was happen quite fast and we began to understand what they said in seconds and reply it without delays. How could it happen? It happen because we have lots of vocabularies. It only happen to people that have greater skills in English. We can be like that if we learn to translate the words into our language. I have to say if this is only the first step. It simply wouldn’t make you smarter. It just make us able to understand on what the speaker want to say.
To learn faster translating English words, here are the easy steps:
  1. bring notes and dictionary with you all the times.
  2. if you found any difficult words, use the online services or simply open the dictionary and write both the original words and the meanings in the note
  3. memorize the words so we don’t need help if we encounter that words again in the future.
Those are the three easy steps to translate English words faster. There is another one but it is only going to be useful after the three steps above practiced everyday.
while translating difficult words in English into our native language is not that hard, we should carefully when doing so. Relying on Dictionary itself will not going to help when there are lots of difficult words. This is why I always recommend Online translator for beginner. You can avoid using it if you already understand on how to translate words. As an example, The words “messenger of knowledge” in English may have really long  meaning in both dictionary and online translator. Actually, it only mean simple words in our native language. It simply mean DUTA ILMU.
Whether you are an expert or just a someone who is trying to translate words into your native language, I recommend to use the three simple methods above. I will continue posted the advanced techniques to translate words efficiently using available methods in few weeks when there are some spare times to complete it.

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