Sunday , May 31 2020

Meeting with an owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN

Today, the owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN invite us to their home base. The owner, Mr. SOLEH is kind enough to let us try the internet speed. It is a great honor for us to visit their base. DUTA ILMU TUBAN is the only book store in TUBAN which provide cheapest book with discount. As the author, I will not going to say it is the greatest book store in east java. I would just rather to say, try it by yourself.

There is lots of things happen when we are in the middle of the conversation. finding the address of DUTA ILMU TUBAN isn’t that easy, at least that is what we feel in the first time. We are heading in the wrong place. At last, We found out the address after lost for more than 3 hours. We are invited to DUTA ILMU TUBAN because we are searching for the new techniques to learn faster. UNIROW ONLINE NEWS is continuously researching the new ways to learn everything faster and efficient.
The efficient ways to learn faster are already written in several articles which are posted in several local news. In DUTA ILMU TUBAN, we are going to learn and find new ways to find the faster ways to learn anything. It is the first time for us to visit DUTA ILMU. we believe there would be lots of new ideas based on our trips to JENGGOLO just to meet with the owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN.
After had some conversation with the owner, We already found out lots of ideas as what we have been expected before we came to the DUTA ILMU TUBAN. This is just the first post. We are still in the middle of the conversation. We will continue write about it later.
This is an updated article. At this time, more info about DUTA ILMU TUBAN have been posted by Linatul Ainisiyah in the next post. You may want to visit it if you were curious about seeking books online. As the author which created this article, I wish any of the readers will share more information about it via comment form below. Thanks for reading this. ARICK
More updated news: UNIROW ONLINE NEWS change the name to the old one as UNIROW GUIDELINES,TUTORIALS and HOW TO LEARN FASTER after some intensive discussion with the other admin. Linatul Ainisiyah agree with the old name and thus made us change the name to the older name.

Update (June 13,2012): The name has been changed again when it move to WordPress Self-hosted in

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