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studying present tense using quantum teaching method through communicative activities to the tenth years student


Skripsi or Thesis and essay are the common things for student whom learn in university. All of them are assignment given by lecturer to test their knowledge and provide great contribution to society. By creating document that will be used as references for learners, it is expected that the teaching progress will be better than before. Such contribution will remain in the history of education and provide great aid for anyone who researching some technique in teaching skills. Quantum teaching is a technique widely used in many schools. However, there are insufficient info and references about it. In this blog, anyone are allowed to use this research as references. This is confidential document researched by Arick and with help from Irna Diana. Quantum teaching method have been practiced and researched in local schools. The process took very long times. Teaching present tense using quantum method have been discussed in the previous post and this post is another attempt to finish it. There will be more post about quantum teaching method in the future.

CHAPTER 1 (Statement of the Problems and Purpose of the Study).

Teaching present tense in senior high school is challenging. In this article, we will continue to learn about quantum teaching method.


1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Statement of the Problems

As we know in the background of the study, there are some difficulties in teaching English as foreign language, especially on teaching grammar. Teaching present tense is one of the problems faced by most Indonesian teachers who are teaching English as foreign language.

The solid set of grammatical pattern is perhaps, one of important instructional to the teacher throughout the rest of the course, the students find difficulties to use the present tense accurately. This instruction make the students concentrate on the mechanics of the grammatical construction only. Consequently, the students are still hardly to understand about the meaning and use of the pattern.

In this case, we many say that the students understand the concept but the students’ ability to apply them depends on the teacher’s technique in introducing and presenting them. To get better result, the teachers should use suitable technique, by which the students can understand the concept clearly and can use technique of present tense accurately. From the reason above, we can formulate the problem of the study:

1. How is teaching present tense through communicative activities using quantum method to the tenth year students?

2. What are the problems faced by the teacher and the students in teaching learning present tense?

1.3 Purpose of the Study

After studying or analyzing of teaching present tense done at tenth year students, we will probably find that teaching present tense is really a process problems. Therefore, choice of the particular technique is attempting to help the English to do their job.

In this writing, the writer would like to show the techniques of teaching present tense using quantum teaching method, and to know what are the problem faced by the teacher and the student in teaching learning present tense. Beside we would like to offer and alternative technique to teach grammar especially teaching present tense, that using quantum teaching method is more suitable to English Curriculum 2004 applying communicative approach.

Background of the study and statement of the problems also purpose of the study are sections that always available in skripsi. All of them remain in chapter 1. In this chapter 1 about quantum teaching method, teachers are given clear view on the problems in teaching and why they should using quantum teaching method. Lots of difficulties in teaching process are written in statement of the problems above. The reasons why using quantum teaching method are available in purpose of the study. In creating chapter 1, always pay attention in each section.

Quantum teaching method can be used to teach present tense at student whom learn in senior high school. Using it will make them able to understand grammar especially present tense faster. Teacher are expected to use the quantum teaching method. This site provide reference and material which can be used to learn or research quantum teaching method. (written by Linatul Ainisiyah and supported by Arick and Irna Diana. Both of them from UNIROW TUBAN).

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