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Technique of teaching Present Tense through Communicative Activities using Quantum Teaching Method

This is a SKRIPSI PROPOSAL which maybe useful for student whom learn English in various universities. The proposal mainly talking about Techniques using present tense combined with quantum learning for teacher to be used in teaching at class. The combination of the skills above are going to be very effective and thus made the teaching progress works flawless without any trouble at all. By studying this subject about TECHNIQUE OF TEACHING PRESENT TENSE THROUGH COMMUNICATIVE ACTIVITIES USING QUANTUM TEACHING METHOD, any teacher who using this method is expected to be an active person whom guide all of their student to be able to use present tense without any problems. Present tense is the first tenses which is easy to be identified and used. In every schools, not all student able to use  or understand present tense. By learning this techniques, It is expected that they will be able to use or understand the important of present tense in describing daily activities. In this proposal, there are three chapters which contains lots of section named as: Chapter ONE which is Introduction (contains: Background of the study, statement of the problems, purpose of the study, significance of the study, Limitation of the problems and definition of the key terms), Chapter Two is Review of related literature (mainly discuss about related literature collected form various references), Chapter Three is about Research method (contains: Research design, Subject of the study, Instrument, interview, questionnaire, Class observation, Procedure of data collecting and procedure of data analysis). This proposal is exclusively made for ENGLISH DEPARTMENT at FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION in UNIROW TUBAN with an assistance from Mochammad Rifai and Irna Diana.


1.1    Background of the Study
Language is a means of communication either oral or writing from someone who learns a language is supposed to be able to use the language both oral and written form since language is used to express meaning, feeling, idea, opinion from one person to another, from speaker to listener to reader.
English, which is used by most people in the world, is an international language. Therefore, our education program makes English as foreign language, which has been taught in the University until to the play group or kindergarten, as one of the compulsory subjects.
According to our Course Outline of English 2012, applying “Communicative approach”, in which teaching learning English as foreign language concerns with four – language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. They are taught integrated. The objectives of studying English are to master the four skills. And to achieve the four language skills, students should learn languages components such as grammar and vocabulary.
For example, to get writing skill, grammar is a component of language, which has important function, by which people can create a good composition. Imagine! If people want to write an article and people don’t know the grammar, how can people do that? Thus, people write with poor grammar, of course our reader won’t understand what we mean exactly.
Nevertheless, teaching English generally has a lot of difficulties, especially on grammar. Sometimes the students want to write and speak generally are lack of grammar. They don’t master enough grammar to enable them to write and speak English. They usually feel uncomfortable to write and speak English when they are still poor in grammar.
The objective of teaching grammar is the comprehension and the communicative function of the language. In fact, in teaching learning process, English teachers often forget the objectives and they teach the form rather than the use of language. Sometimes they don’t even explain or give the meaning of the form. They think that the students will automatically know the meaning and the usage when they know the form.
Students know the grammar but they aren’t able to use it, while learning as well as possible. It doesn’t mean that grammar is not important but it helps to construct and understand meaning sentences.
Grammar as Sweet claims is indispensable, since it helps to construct meaning sentence. We dare not to leave our sentence will not be comprehensible, but this should not be the reason emphasizing the teaching on it. Many experts in language teaching know it is not guarantee of knowing the meaning and the usage more than seven decades ago.
FL. Billows stated: If we begin with schematization of grammar, we cultivate that on looker attitude, which make subsequent participation difficult. (FL. Billows, 1980:157)
What Billows says on the looker attitude is students regard the language they learn as foreign or mimic. Consequently, they find many difficulties to participate, we learn language most easily and naturally when we learn it as we were our own.
As for teaching present perfect the teachers teach them as fixed pattern that can be easily memorized by the students. This view certainly is not too appropriated as the practice of understanding concept and not only the practice of grammar term. To memorize the form of present perfect are useless occupation, unless the students either understand or learn the meaning and be practical use of form of sentence.
The students should not be called to memorize definition and rules, since learning language should not memorize definition. Theoretical explanations are given as long as to support the four language skills achievements. And it is realized that emphasis is on the practice of understanding concept.
Considering the important of grammar as a component of language by which we build meaningful sentences and some difficulties of teaching grammar based on English curriculum 2012 applying communicative approach, this research will talk about: Technique of Teaching Present tense Through Communicative Activities Using Quantum Teaching Method.

The other section of chapter one including statement of the problems, purpose of the study, significance of the study, Limitation of the problems and definition of the key terms will be posted here in the next update. Chapter two and chapter three will be available after the first chapter is published. This post is written exclusively by Linatul Ainisiyah.

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