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Example of Chapter V Skripsi for student in last semester

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unirowThis chapter is divided into two parts, namely conclusion and suggestion. The conclusion consists of summary of the discussion in chapter four. Based on the results of the analysis discussed, the writer concludes that the students still made errors in grammatical rules, especially on the use of the grammar. And suggestion consists of some suggestions for students and also teachers.

5.1 Conclusion

Based on the data, the writer collected from the students’ composition, we can see that most of students in the subject of the study still made errors on the use of the object of the study which can be clustered into many kinds of categories of errors as follows :

a. Error in using Present Tense is made by 6 students or 30%.

b. Error in using pronunciation is made by 3 students or 15%.

c. Error in spelling words is made by 2 students or 10%.

d. Error in using Present Continuous Tense is made by 2 students or 10%.

e. Error in using Past Continuous Tense is made by 2 students or 10%.

f. Error in using Future Continuous Tense is made by 2 students or 10%.

g. Error in placing object is made by 2 students or 10%.

h. Wrong placement of subject is made by 1 students or 5%.

From the results above, we can conclude that the highest errors that are made by the students on the use of present tense. Those are 6 students. It is because most of students forget to use the proper English rules of using present tense in their worksheets. And the lowest errors is in placing because the student unable to place the subject into the right place.

5.2 Suggestion

In teaching English at Subject of the study, the existence of interference among learner should be paid attention. It may be changed by means of elimination of the step so that in the long run the areas of interference become less and less. Teachers must know good and efficient way of eliminating the errors. There are some techniques that are used by the teacher to eliminate errors. For example, teacher often give exercise to the students to write a paragraph. It can be done in the class or at home, as homework. Another example is by giving task to student about the grammar. Then the students are asked to complete the sentences by using the grammar which is already learnt at home.

And also to eliminate the students’ errors on the use of grammar on their worksheets, the writer must gives more explanation about the grammatical rues and the usage of grammar in sentences. If it is possible, the writer should also provide the prediction on the right grammar to use in the worksheet. Giving an example of composition with another topic which is different their task might be a good idea too.

Another suggestion are teacher should teach the students how to master a knowledge of grammar, especially on the use of grammar in ability of recognizing and to use the part of speech correctly, to understand the different between passive and active sentences, and to avoid common grammatical errors. Naturally, the teachers’ duty is to help the students to correct English sentences in their composition by using the teacher-own techniques. In this case, the teacher should think of finishing the material as well as the student’s acquisition in the English.

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The last suggestion, the application of these findings is important for English teacher to apply, especially those at Subject of the study. They should take them into consideration during their teaching activities. One of the suggestion which may be useful for English teachers in eliminating the structural errors, especially on the use of the grammar that the teachers should give their students exercise continuously. Teachers should keep up with now finding on teaching techniques, because techniques which are acceptable in the past in a particular class may not be acceptable in other class today or in the future. She also suggests further to research this kind of topic different aspect and the students of UNIROW to research it deeper in order to have persuasive understanding.

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