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Reference about Abstract in Skripsi used by local university

Here is another example of Abstract which usually available in SKRIPSI. The Abstract can be used in Essay or Thesis as well. For Anyone who didn’t know about Abstract, keep searching the info in this blog. Here is the example:


Linatul Ainisiyah. 2012, The Error Analysis in Using Present Tense by The second Semester Students of PGRI RONGGOLAWE University (UNIROW) at TUBAN.

Key Words
Mochammad Rifai (ARICK)
Error Analysis, Using, Present Tense.

English is international language which is used by most people all over the world from small to the bigger countries. In Indonesia, English is absolutely the first foreign language which is taught and learnt from elementary school until university. This is why student should be able to have the English skill in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In university especially on English Department, all of four skills are learnt intensively and completely. But surely there is still some problems in learning all of the skills. Some student didn’t master all the skills and others might didn’t have the skills required to learn English. Many student didn’t understand about grammar. During the test, It looks like the student didn’t understand about grammar. They just understand to use it but didn’t know why it is written like that. It seems they learn by remember it and not by understand it. They often made errors in doing of these items. Because of it, the writer is concerned to make a research about errors made by the students and takes the title “The Errors Analysis in Using Present tense by the Second Semester Students of PGRI RONGGOLAWE University (UNIROW) at TUBAN”.
The objective of the study is to find out what students’ errors and to describe how far the student’s ability in using Present tense.
In this study the writer only used test as the instrument to get the result. The data was analyzed by using percentage method. The population of this study is the second semester students of PGRI RONGGOLAWE University (UNIROW) at TUBAN which consist of five class A, B, C, D, and E class. And the sample of this study is morning class D and E that consist of 30 students as the sample.
The data from test were analyzed by tabulation of error. It shows that the dominant errors is errors placing subject and objects in sentences with 75 times or 75% while the lowest error is errors on using the correct time indicator in sentences with 25 times or 25%. From the students’ mastery level in using present tense, it can be concluded that the student level is 62% in fair level. It means that the students still  lack of knowledge in using English Grammar, especially in present tense.
Therefore, it is suggested that the teachers should be able to give more exercises by giving test and homework and also describing the errors made by the students.

The Abstract was created by Linatul Ainisiyah with an assistance from Mochammad Rifai. The real document was never published and only used for personal use. Anyone who want to use the abstract can ask for permission or just sent the request through email or comment form below. The Abstract can be used by student in UNIROW TUBAN as the example to make better abstract. The example above isn’t optimized and have some parts that can be optimized even further.
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