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Step by Step analyzing Chapter 1 in SKRIPSI

Chapter 1 is a first chapter in SKRIPSI that is really important because it added more value to the document. Chapter 1 give reader the first look a document. Sometimes, an expert can judge whether the document was important and useful or not just by reading he chapter 1. because it give user or reader the first look of the entire document, Chapter 1 is considered to be an urgency part of the SKRIPSI.

In this article, There will be step by step to analyze the chapter 1 in SKRIPSI. The analyzing process is using the latest MRLA technique. by providing step by step tutorial, It is expected that the student in will be able to create nice and useful SKRIPSI that can be used as the reference for any researcher that need more data. MRLA itself is the best method in providing step by step which is created by Mochammad Rifai and Linatul Ainisiyah.

Here is step by step analyzing Chapter 1 in Skripsi using MRLA technique.
First, Be sure to check the correct structure of the chapter 1. Here is the usual or general structure of chapter 1. Background of the Study (1), Statement of the Problems (2), Purpose of the Study (3), Limitation of the Study (4), Significance of the Study (5), Definition of the Key Terms (6) and Organization of the Skripsi (7). So there are 7 important parts in Chapter 1. Sometimes the fifth part was called as Significance of the Problems (5) but it is really rare to see the occurrence. Checking the correct structure mean understanding the correct parts of chapter 1 and eliminate unnecessary parts also add more parts if it is needed. To know whether it is chapter 1 or not, just read each parts or section of it and if there are some subtitle like the 7 parts already written above, then it is surely a Chapter 1.

Second, Always checking whether the content of each parts in chapter 1 Skripsi are suitable with the structure. it means add the content to the right place. the content which should be added to Background of the study shouldn’t being added to the Definition of the key terms and vice versa. Adding the correct content the the exact place is the key to create useful skripsi. to understand about the correct place which is match with the content, use MRLA technique such as asking yourself whether the data is suitable or not to be added to that part.

Last, Only add the data that is useful for the Chapter 1. if the data are not suitable to be added in chapter 1, don’t add it. Consider to add it into areas such as Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. usually, Chapter 1 only give the first look of the document and should not explain all the content. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 need more useful content than Chapter 1. It is important to understand that failure to comply it will result in Skripsi being useless and render it to be added into bad document which need more update in every sections.

Those step by step in analyzing chapter 1 is not to be used in conjunction with other methods. Sometimes, readers misunderstanding this as the step by step to create Chapter 1. It isn’t. It just step by step to verify whether the chapter 1 is useful and correct or not. TO create good Skripsi, read How to make “SKRIPSI PENDIDIKAN ONLINE UNIROW and TECHNIQUE OF TEACHING PRESENT TENSE THROUGH COMMUNICATIVE ACTIVITIES USING QUANTUM TEACHING METHOD it is important to serve the readers with the great Chapter 1 that meet the criteria. If you have any questions about chapter 1, Feel free to ask it through the comment form below or using the older way through email. (Linatul Ainisiyah with assistance of Mochammad Rifai).
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