Friday , May 29 2020

An Example of skripsi in English about present continuous

Creating an example of skripsi is an easy job. However making the real SKRIPSI can be real disaster if there are no references and lots of supporting ideas. Creating Skripsi require lots of passions as it may take more than couples months to finish. Skripsi isn’t a regular document we may created during the weekend. Some experts said if references are the most important factor. However, as a writer an author, I believe the most important factor is developing idea and collecting the opinion to build the document as better as possible.

Skripsi in English is rare. No one ever share it as it have individual privacy concerns. To make your own Skripsi in English isn’t that hard. let’s start by developing the idea first. In this example, we will take Present Continuous Tense as the topic. We need to do some step by the step to create good structural Skripsi. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a good title. Choosing a good title is important as it will make your skripsi being approved or not by your lecturer. An example of perfect title in Skripsi about  Present continuous tense  would be “The implementation of teaching Present Continuous Tense using Quantum method at eleven grade student in Senior High School”. Choose the right title based on your own location.
  2. Think of the idea on how to unleash your Skripsi. Let’s start thinking on “How to teach student about Present Continuous Tense using faster method, Quantum teaching”. Think about it all the time and also make lots of opinions on “How to teach student easily using easier method such as Quantum Teaching”.
  3. Improve the idea. Think about “The combination of teaching English faster by NISYA and Quantum Teaching method”.
  4. Search for references about: Teaching English, Teaching Present continuous Tense and Quantum Teaching Method. If those three references are available, it will be easy to develop it.
  5. Apply all of the ideas above into every chapters.

Creating Skripsi can be really hard if it is the first time for you to make it. If there is any difficulties in creating it, it is better to consult with lecturers. If lecturers isn’t that helpful, start asking for help from the experts or read skripsi English present continuous. I’m not the expert in creating Skripsi but if you were seeking on how to create Skripsi and all of the sentences above are unreadable for you (not all people able to speak and understand English IMO), Start writing your comment below. I will reply it as soon as possible whenever I read it.

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