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An Overview of English Perfect Progressive Tenses used in Grammar

Perfect Progressive is a grammar rule that give the idea if an event is in the progress immediately  before another time or event. The tenses are used to express the duration of the first event. Present Perfect Continuous also being used in sentences to give an impression if an event is up to another time or events. This tenses often used to express an event that is in progress until another time or event. There are three parts in Present Perfect Progressive. All of them are Present Perfect Progressive Tenses, Past Perfect Progressive Tenses and Future Perfect Progressive Tenses.

In local areas, This tenses is popular by the name of Perfect Continuous Tense. In future, there will be three posts that will explain all the formulas and rules about this tenses. All of them will use the name as stated below:

  1. A simple Overview of Present Perfect Progressive Tenses. This post in future will be created to explain anything related with Present Perfect Progressive Tenses. The formula used by this tense and also the proper use of it in both writing and conversation will be discussed intensively in future under this category.
  2. A Simple Overview of Past Perfect Progressive Tenses. This tenses is only used to express anything that have been happened in the past and the story or event is still in the progress while another event in the past occurred. This tenses uses formula that is different than the others and sometimes have the opportunity to confuse learner. In simple words, the event is in progress before another event in the past.
  3. A Simple Overview of Future Perfect Progressive Tenses. Everyone must be aware of this. The name itself explain the tenses. Future Perfect Tenses is used to explain any events that  is in the progress before another event in the future. It is sometimes called as estimation on the event that will be done in the future when another event will happen in the future. It is often used to explain on the activities that still happen when another planned action will be done in the future. It is good idea to use this tenses to explain any activities that will be done while another event might happen in future.

Perfect Continuous Tenses have another interesting fact. Let’s take a look at it. Perfect in grammatical rules means a something that has been done while Continuous which is popular by the name of Progressive means a something or events is in progress. If combined with the three grammar rules it has, Present Perfect progressive means a grammatical rules to explain an event that is in progress  at this time. Remember, Present is a t this time. Past Perfect Progressive means an event is still in progress before another event in the past. It is because Past means anything that was happen in the past. Future Perfect Tenses will explain an event that is predicted to happen before another event that might happen in future.

Perfect Continuous Tenses is the last and the hardest grammar in English. It is a part of articles in An Overview of All English Verb Tenses used in Grammar that consist  lots of other tenses such as An Overview of Simple Tenses, An Overview of English Progressive Tenses and An Overview of English Perfect tenses. Learning this tenses can be really hard and that is the reason why it is marked as the hardest difficulties among other tenses. While this tenses is really hard to be learnt, Students and Teachers will able to learn it easily by using special techniques that combine both joy and advanced learning system. The combination of Quantum Teaching from Linatul Ainisiyah and also Lightning speed learning method from Mochammad Rifai will make any students master all the tenses in no times compared other methods. All the methods will be posted in this blog for all readers. There is no perfect method and I still believe it. That is why all the techniques in learning grammar faster and easily will be posted here with a hope that it may get some improvements by accepting any opinion from all the readers. If you have any questions related with the grammars, asking it here might give you the answer, tough I didn’t promise it. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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