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An Overview of English Progressive Tenses used in Grammar

English Progressive Tenses is a complete set of rules to describe events or actions that is on-going. Progressive Tenses is well known as Continuous Tenses in local areas and probably in many countries. Continuous Tenses is used to describe any action that is continuously happen at the moment. it is perfectly same as Progressive Tenses. The different is the name itself. Both of them have the same rules and functions. While Progressive Tenses is well known in the west (Europe), Continuous Tenses is popular in the east (Asia). In other countries such as United States and Australia, both of them may have the same popularity.

Students and Teachers who learn and study and taught in English department need the grammar to make them fully understand the english sentences used in writing and conversations. Learners whom often use English should learn grammar. Teachers or lecturers must understand how the grammars work in order to communicate with native speakers. Businessman need the grammars to help them communicate easily with foreigners. As the primary language used in many countries, English is an essential in many factors. While learning english is impossible without understanding the grammar, It is encouraged for anyone to learn Progressive Tenses or Continuous Tenses as it is also an important part in English grammars. However, learning this grammar will be easily if the basic grammar have been mastered. Read more about it in An Overview of English Simple Tenses Used in Grammar.

Learning Progressive Tenses will be easier for kids. Based on the research in the last three months ago in local kindergartens, the result showed up if students whom in age of five until seven have bigger opportunity to understand it faster. Off course it is possible by the use of special method named as Quantum Teaching by Linatul Ainisiyah and ‘Lightning Speed learning method’ founded by Mochammad Rifai (2012:32).  The research will be held again ten months from now on. It is based on the educational curriculum in local areas. Students whom in Elementary schools and higher education may learn it faster by using the correct methodology in teaching. Without using the smart teaching methods, it will be hard for them to get along with the study.

Continuous or Progressive Tenses is an essential grammars. If you were reading An Overview of All English Verb Tenses used in Grammar, there are some others compulsory grammars. One of them is Progressive Tenses that is marked as Continuous Tenses. Learning good structural English sentences will not be that easy if they didn’t know each grammatical rules very well.

Learning English Progressive Tenses or Continuous tenses isn’t that hard. It will be explained clearly in three categories. For anyone who didn’t know about this grammar, Continuous or Progressive Tenses have three parts:

  1. Present Progressive Tenses. This is a grammar to express action that is on-going at the time of utterance. Will only useful to tell stories that is happening at the time the speakers tell the stories.
  2. Past Progressive Tenses. List of formula used to describe on-going action or events in the past. Only useful if we want to tell story that still happen in the past.
  3. Future Progressive Tenses. This grammatical rules used to express action or events that will be on-going in the future. It is only useful to express anything that will happen in Future.

More detailed info for all the three of them will be available in these articles (Written in future posts):

  1. An Overview of Present Progressive Tenses will contains formulas and explanation about Present Continuous Tenses.
  2. An Overview of past Progressive Tenses explains many formulas and explanation about sentences that describe the events or actions that is happening in the past.
  3. An Overview of Future Progressive Tenses is only used to tell the others on the actions or events that may happen in future.

By explaining all of the grammars in this blog, it is expected that any learners will be able to understand english better than before. However, the post that contains formulas will be posted in future. There are others two categories that will be posted after this post. When those categories were published, all of the others posts contains the formula to create good english sentences will be posted here with details. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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