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An Overview of English Simple Tenses used in Grammar

English Simple Tenses is the basic grammar rules used in good structural English sentences. Creating well integrated English sentences is not as easy as writing it just like as local language. Good readable english sentences need to follow the guidelines. Without using the proper rules, the sentences will be a garbage and no one will understand it. This is why local students and teachers should not mix their local languages with english. Doing so will make native speakers have hard time to understand on sentences.

Learning foreigner language can be started by studying the grammar first. The grammar contains various rules used in both writing and english conversation. Local students whom never learn about the grammar will not be able to develop their skills. Most of the times, students who fail to learn english were caused by their lack of skills in grammar. Grammar is the most difficult lesson for local students. It is because lots of rules that need to be memorized and the cmplex formulas. Even if I though it was wrong, many students and teachers still believe that.

Creating an English well structured language is easy. Just learn the basic grammar and it will sufficient for students. Basic grammar is enough to create good paragraphs. the good things about this is anyone can learn it without other peoples help. By learning the basic grammar, there will be another opportunity to master the other grammars. One of the requirement to learn another difficult grammars is by mastering basic grammar. The basic grammar is Simple Tenses that has three sub sections.

  1. Simple Present Tenses is the first simple grammar rule that can be used to express actions or states at the time of speaking. It will be explained in An Overview of Simple present tense at the next posting.
  2. Simple Past Tense is very simple rules to express actions or states in the past. While simple present is suitable to be used in the time of speaking, Simple Past Tense is only used to tell the others about the event that have been done in the past. It will be explained in An Overview of Simple Past Tenses used in grammar at the next articles.
  3. Simple Future Tenses is used to express actions or states in the future. If you want to say a something about the future, use this basic grammar. more in-depth information about it will be discussed in An Overview of Simple Future Tenses at the later posts.

So to summarize about all the information above, there will be three English Simple Tenses in basic grammar.

Basic English Grammar as already explained in An Overview of all english Verb Tenses used in Grammar:

  1. Simple Present Tenses to describe today’s moment.
  2. Simple Past Tense to describe the past time.
  3. Simple Future Tense to describe future times.
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Students and Teachers are encouraged to learn and master it even if they didn’t study in english department. The basic grammar is the most important grammar as it will open the windows to the greater knowledge in the world. Just by learning it, anyone will be able to make good readable sentences. Basic grammar is the first grammar that is sufficient to make very simple sentences used in writing and speaking. It is important to learn basic English grammar as it will help them to understand lots of english sentences and they can communicate easily with native speakers just by mastering the basic grammar in English Simple Tenses. To learn it, just familiarize yourself with three basic English Simple Tenses, Simple Present Tense, Simple Past Tense and Simple Future Tense. All the tree of them will be explained in the future posts. After learning three basic simple tenses above, it is likely almost all words in the internet will be readable for the learners. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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