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An Overview of Simple Past Tenses Used in Grammar

Simple Past Tense is formula that uses to express actions or states in the past. Simple Past is best to describe anything that was happen in the past. It is another simple tenses that describe the past without any other specific time indicator. This tense can be used to explain any activities that has elapsed. Earlier period can be represented by using Simple Past. Basically, Simple Past Tense is used in sentences only to give the ideas about any moments earlier than the present time, no longer current.

Simple Past Tenses in grammar has special formula just like as Simple Present Tenses in the previous article. The rule is only Subject + Verb Level two. The word ‘Verb Two’ is another popular name that refer to ‘Past Verb’. If there are general verbs that end with the suffix of “ed”, chance are they used Verb level two. To make it easy, let’s analyze the following example:
“A reporter wrote the story”. ‘A reporter’ in the sentences is a subject while ‘Wrote’ is verb level two from ‘write’. The story is just compliment.
“A tourist bought some flowers”. ‘A tourist’ or someone who travels for pleasure in the sentence is a subject while ‘Bought’ is a level two verb from the word ‘ Buy‘.
Most of the times, the verbs used in past tenses ended with the generic suffix of ‘ed’. Regular and irregular verbs play greater roles in all Past Tenses including, simple Past tense and Perfect Past Tense. the example is just like as:
“He worked in that store”. ’He’ is the subject while ‘Worked’ is regular verb level two of the word ‘Work’.
“She smiled at me”. It is easy to understand the sentence. ‘She in the sentence is subject’ and ‘Me is Object’ while ‘Smiled’ is regular verb from the word ‘Smile’.
It is easy to understand both of the examples above. If there are typos or any other ideas including questions, feel free to ask in the comment form.
Simple Past Tense is a part of All Simple Tenses. There are two characteristic of Past tense. Here they are:
A. The simple past shows that an action, event or situation started and finished at specific time in the past. The three examples below will explain better:
  1. “He walked to market everyday”. The subject has been started to walk toward market yesterday and it has been finished at that time.
  2. “She lived in England for five years, but now he is living in Atlanta”. The subject used to live in England and it happen in the past before she decided to move into Atlanta. The even was happen and ended in the past.
  3. “They bought a new television two days ago”. The subject bought television in the past and the action ended at that time too.

B. If a sentence contains ‘when’ and has the simple past in both clauses, the action in the ‘When Clause’ happen first. it is used if both sentences explain past activities at the same time. Here are the examples:

  1. “He walked quickly when it began to rain”. The first event that happen in the past is ‘the rain happened’ and then ’He walked quickly’.
  2. “When he listened a weird noise, he stood up to investigate”. The subject listen a weird noise and then investigate it. All events happened in the past.
  3. “When he grabbed the coffee, it spilled in the table”. The coffee was spilled in the table because of the subject grabbed the coffee recklessly.
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Simple Past Tense is very simple formula that is often used to describe any events, actions or situations that happen in the past and have ended at that time too. The time signals often used in the simple Past Tense are ‘yesterday and ago’. Sometimes, sentences that have no time signal often use Simple Past Tense. It is a good idea to determine whether the sentences explain anything in the past or not before using this grammar. Learning this grammar is easy and that means teachers and students will have no trouble at all learning the Past Tense, even if they never learn about it in the past. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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