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An Overview of Simple Present Tense Used in Grammar

Simple Present Tense is very simple rule and formula to express actions or states at the time of speaking. In learning English, it is necessary to study the basic things first. Simple present Tense is a basic rule that must be mastered in order to learn the other grammar rules. As a basic formula, Simple present Tense doesn’t have complex difficulties. In fact, it is very simple and really easy. Local students and teachers may learn English starting by studying this grammar. Let’s take a look at the formula below.

The formula of Simple present Tense is Subject and Verb (Subject + Verb). It is very simple. However, the verb is special as it depend on the subject. If the subject is plural, then the verb is unmodified and stay the same as general. If the subject is Singular, then the verb will need special modification. The verb will be added a suffix. More explanation about it will be explained later as written it here will make readers have hard time to understand the formula easily. With only rule as Subject and Verb, simple present tense surely will give no problem at all even for the first learner.

In general, The Simple Present Tense express events or a situations that is being a general truth. It mean a something that is described by this grammar is either have existed in the past and exist at this time also probably will exist in the future. lets read it in the example below:

“I write in my blog every day”. The sentence tell everyone if I wrote in my blog in the past and still write every day and probably will keep write lots of articles in the future. The sentences is written using the Simple Present Tense. Let’s analyze it. I, in the sentence “I write in my blog” is a Subject while Write is Verb and in my blog is just explanatory words. So “I write” is written using Simple Present Tense. Simple isn’t it. Here is another simple example:

“It dry in Africa”. The sentence is using Simple Present Tense. It is the subject while dry is the verb. In Africa is another words used to explain a place. Africa always dry in the past and today it still dry. In the future it may have no change at all. Simple Present Tense is best used to express general truth or a fact.

There are three characteristic of Simple Present Tense. All of them will be explained below:

  1. The simple Present states that a something was true in the past, is true in the present and will be true in the future. Basically it is called as “General statement of Fact or fact of General Truth”. Here are the examples:
    a. Carbon dioxide consists of Carbon and Oxygen.
    b. Most pets love their masters.
    c. The moon is round.
    All the three sentences above contains general statements of fact. Carbon Dioxide is always consists of carbon and Oxygen. All pets always love their masters that give them food and shelter. The moon is round, everyone know it.
  2. The simple Present is used  to express habitual or everyday activity. If a someone want to tell the others about their activities, just use present tense as this grammar is specially designed for it. Here are the examples:
    a. I listen the radio for an hour everyday.
    b. My School starts at seven.
    c. She always smiles at me in the morning.
    All the sentences are activities that happen in everyday. I ‘m sure all of them didn’t need to be explained as it is easy to understand those sentences.
  3. Sometimes it is best to use Simple Present Tense than Simple Present Continuous Tense for some situation. Here is the sample:
    a. She needs a book right away.
    b. They have only one cent right now.
    c. They don’t recognize that man.
    The three sentences above can be created by suing Simple Present Continuous Tense as it happen at the moment. However, using Simple Present Tense is encouraged as Simple Present Tense also state condition that is recently happen. Even if it uses the time signal like as ‘Now’, ‘Right now’ and others.
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An Overview of Simple present tense Used in Grammar is written especially for local students whom learning in English Department and also for non-english local teachers who didn’t know about the grammars. By reading this grammar especially about Simple Present Tense, it is expected that all of them will understand on how to create good english sentences and also correct structure that can be used in articles or in conversations. This tutorial is part of the English Simple Tenses. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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