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Conclusion and Suggestion after doing Research on the use of LI in ESL/EFL classroom

While the research had ended few days ago, as a researcher, it is a good idea to share the result with public. This post will contains basic Conclusion about the already finished research. To make the research even better, some suggestions were given with a hope that anyone who doing the same research will achieve better results. The conclusion is shown below:


The results of the present study on the use of LI in Indonesian context above indicate that the use of bahasa Indonesia in English class is felt to help the students a lot in studying English in the classroom if it is not too frequently. The use of LI is only a means to improve English teaching learning such as explaining complex grammar points, explaining difficult concepts, translating difficult words and giving instructions and orders. Even, using simple Indonesia also makes the students feel more ease, comfortable and less stressed.

The research also shows that limited use of the mother tongue in the English classroom does not reduce students’ exposure to English but rather can assist in the teaching and learning process. The researcher also found that using bahasa Indonesia has led to positive attitudes to encourage students to learn more English.

In an easy words, it basically  means local language (Bahasa) was used to make student understand about what the teacher said and to help student learn faster and even better. The use of local language is subject to student’s skills in understanding English. If they had better skills in learning English, there will be no need to use local language.

Suggestion is given to this post as it will greatly aid researcher who want to make the same research. In general, it can also being used for another researches. The suggestion given at this place is written based on the own thinking and it could be expanded. Currently there are lots of suggestions but many of them were not shown here because it just minor advices. For more suggestion, ask me through comment form or via email. Bellow is the suggestion for my research.


Based on the classroom above, the researcher gives the following suggestion:

a. For the Students

– The students should speak in English as the chief medium of communication during the English teaching learning process.

– The students must be confidence that they are able to speak English well.

b. For the Teacher

– Encourage the students to use English as the chief medium of communication in the class.

– The teacher may use the LI only if the situation and condition are possible to use it.

– The teacher ha to try to translate difficult words, explain difficult concepts, give instructions and orders, and explain grammatical rules in English first. Then, the teacher can use LI if the students still do not understand with the English explanation.

c. For other Researcher

– For the students of English department, it is necessary for them to conduct an action research on the use of LI in English class.

– The result of this study can be used by other researcher as information to do similar research on the use of LI in English class.

I believe there is no need to explain the suggestions above as it clearly describe the sentences pretty well. For anyone who curious about the research or asking what is this page about, feel free to read previous post about Doing some RESEARCH FINDING AND DISCUSSION which were continued by Questionnaires on research finding and discussion in ESL/EFL Classroom and Interview with the Professor about Teaching English in ESL Classroom. The research also using a sampling method already explained in previous post with the title “Definition and How To Use Sample in Research, Skripsi or Thesis”. This research is shown to public with a hope that it can be used to develop better skills in teaching. Teachers can use the research if they think it useful. Don’t forget to write the source of the research. Using it for commercial purposes is not allowed. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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