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Information about Definition and the Usage of Quantum Teaching

nisya quantum teachingQuantum teaching is a popular and useful teaching method used in local areas. Students in local areas are different than others from foreign countries. Most of local students are unable to speak and write in English. In latest curriculum made by the government stated if English is an important study and all students should be able to use it in their daily activity if applicable.

Many teachers trying to teach their student with various method. One of the most used teaching method is Quantum Teaching. So, what is the meaning of Quantum Teaching Method? based on my own experiences, it means combine the joy and smile with the learning activities. Students are taught by using interesting media that make them smile and at the same time, they gain more knowledge. Based on the research made by Mochammad Rifai (2012:1859) stated if students will gain more knowledge easily if they feel happy.

The benefits of using Quantum Teaching method is students gain more knowledge without they notice it. because of the lessons were given when they feel happy, more knowledge can be absorbed in no times. Students are likely to learn faster when they love to study by their selves. Quantum Teaching make them like as they learn it without any help. While student enjoy the study, teacher only need less interactions as it is best to let students have interactions between them. Quantum teaching will benefit both of the students and teachers as well.

The usage of quantum teaching in classes or outdoors were easy. Students are given special task to discuss a something that they really love and explain the benefits of it. Because they have to explain a something, it is necessary for them to get sufficient information about anything they were working on. Students will gain more knowledge and enjoy the study at the same times. More example and detailed usage in classes or outdoors will be posted in future post when there are enough times to do it. As for now, I have to struggle with my planned research and schedule from school to teach the students as I’m teaching lots of classes at the moment.

All local teachers were having the same problem, unable to teach all of their students to understand English really well. As a teacher, I do face the same difficulty when teaching student in the past. I had used several teaching methods and all of them showed different result. After trying so many times and compare the result from various tested method, I can see if quantum teaching is better than others with one addition, it require very intuitive and skillful teacher to apply it in class. Depend to only quantum teaching method is not recommended as it is better to combine it with others methods for greater effects. Search for the methods in this blog and you’ll find plenty of them that have been tested and successfully implemented. Any question related with quantum teaching should be asked in appropriate articles or via email. Thanks for reading this. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).

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