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Discussion and Sugestion also Conclusion of every Chapter in Skripsi

In each Thesis or Skripsi, there are some important chapters. Usually, there will be Chapter One, Chapter two, Chapter three, Chapter Four and Chapter Five. Chapter Six is not being included because it only contains bibliography. In each chapter, there will be discussion, Suggestion and Conclusion. The writers have the option to include it in the chapter or just write it in the draft. As a researcher, I always write possible discussion about the topic, any related suggestion for it and also current conclusion based on the own opinion. The document, otherwise, will not contains those data. It were net concluded in the public documents as it only for statistical data for the writer.

Discussion is really important as each chapter must contain useful data. The discussion will cover about the possible ways to collect the data and any possibility to limit the topic into special objective. Discussing each chapter is really interesting, sometimes it will give more ideas to develop it even better.

Suggestion must be written in the last paragraph in each chapter. Writer who write SKRIPSI or thesis always include it only in the last chapter. I have different habit to include suggestion in each chapter but make it visible only for me. I believe suggestion should be written in every chapter to make it easier developing the topic again in the future. The suggestion can be from other people but I prefer to only use my own suggestions.

Conclusion is looks like an excerpt of the whole chapters. It only available in the last chapter. Sometimes I wrote conclusion in each chapter. Conclusion is important because t contains summary of the chapters. Writing conclusion in each chapters is a good idea but I didn’t always do that because I always have better conclusion each times I update the Skripsi or Thesis which will make the previous conclusion become less useful.

If you have any opinion about Discussion, Suggestion and Conclusion that were available in Skripsi or Thesis, kindly write it here and share it to the public by using the comment form below.

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