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Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature about Speaking and Communication in SKRIPSI or Thesis

Chapter 2 or often written as Chapter II in some areas is well known by its characteristic that contains the explanation of the title. Chapter 2 can be easily identified because it filled with supporting ideas. This chapter explain about the title being taken in SKRIPSI or Thesis and describe it using arguments form experts. Chapter II also contains literature and references that make the SKRIPSI reliable enough to be used by public or another researchers. With the title “Review of related Literature”, this chapter has lots of literature to support the researcher’s opinion. Below is an example of Chapter two in SKRIPSI or THESIS.


In this chapter, The researcher will explain about the title and many aspects related with the title shown in Chapter one. Speaking is a human activities to communicate with another people. The communication among people is important as what have been stated by Arick in UNIROW ASIA (2010:96): “Communication is an activity that will build relationships and trust between people. Without communication, there will be no technology and human race will stay in the dark age”. Based on the statement above, the researcher fully understand if communication is really an important parts in this life. Communication require speaking. There are lots of thing that affecting communication.


Speaking Ability

The ability to speak between each people with another is different. Speaking ability is the essential part in conducting good communication and conversation. With a good speaking ability, the communication will be valuable and benefits both side as well. Mochammad Rifai from UNIROW ASIA stated “Speaking ability of each person is what make the communication become valuable and enjoyable”. It clearly describe if bad speaking skills will make the communication become unworthy.

Definition of Speaking

Based on the curriculum 2007 the students are intended to have the English ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. According to Hornby (2000:1239). A little more formal and suggests that some one is using their voice or that person is saying something to a group. Meanwhile Widdowsoon (in Yenita, 1982: 57:59) defines that speaking is terms of usage and use in term of usage, speaking is the physical embodiment of abstract system it involves the manifestations either of the phonologically system or of the grammatical system of the language or both. Such as “he speaks clearly” clarity or distinctiveness of speech refers to the manner in which the phonetic system of the language is manifested, “he speaks correctly” the meaning is what he says conforms to the accepted reveals for sentences formation.

Speaking ability is the ability to use the language in communication by involving the knowledge about the linguistic competence; the ability of course, included correctness and fluency.

Purpose of Speaking

Speaking is used as communication tools between each people. By communicating it means doing conversation that will build create good relationship.

The purpose of speaking is the communicate and express any of the ideas along with opinions to other people. Without communication, there will be no relation.

Function of Speaking

Speaking has lots of functions. First, it will make good conversation, second it will make other people aware of the other’s opinion. Third, it can be used as medium to interact between each people. Last, it make people able to identify the characteristic of each people.

The Teaching of Speaking

There are lots of methods in teaching speaking. Speaking can be taught at schools by using presentation, hearing music, watching videos or by directly interacting with another. Arick (UNIROW ASIA 2011:06) stated if “Teaching Speaking is not an easy job but it can be done by using presentation, hearing music, watching videos or by directly interacting with another”.

The Method of Teaching Speaking

By using Presentation: Presenting Speaking and others listen to it carefully.

By hearing Music: Hearing music will enhance the speaking ability. Only few characteristically of music will enhance the speaking ability. It is because music has the voice of the singer that can be treated as speaking but with different methods.

By Watching Videos: Watching videos will enhance the speaking skills as there will be conversation and communication between each characters.

By Speaking directly: This surely will improve the teaching skills. Everyone should make conversation each others to keep the friendship and relationship.

That is few example of the content should be available in Chapter two. The example was written by me and not to be used as reference as it only contain basic research. For reference, browse it in another page. Using the example to create Chapter 2 in SKRIPSI or Thesis surely is a good idea as it only filled with basic structure. Complex structure will make students have hard time understanding the contents. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)
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