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Example of Chapter 3 Research Method and procedure collecting data in Skripsi

An example provided by teachers will greatly aid student in building their skills in learning. without an example, student probably will only have less chance to understand about the lesson taught at them. This post will give an example of what is available in Chapter 3 in Skripsi, Essay or even Thesis. The example was written by me with an assistant of Mochammad Rifai from UNIROW ASIA. This example provided as is and can be used as reference for any students or teachers.


1. Research Design

Research is a detailed study to discover new facts (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, 1995:352). In a research the researcher has to choose a method suitable with a research, because method is one of an important part from it. Without method, a research can not produce anything else or just as guesses.

In this study, the writer uses the descriptive method, a method that is used to illustrate and describe what actually happens in certain situation and condition. In this occasion, the writer wants to describe whether there are some errors on the students’ written composition in using the past Tense by the students of Rongolawe University(UNIROW) Tuban. The writer shows some errors if any on the students’ written composition.

2 Population and Sample

2.1. Population

The realization of research always face with the object which is examined, that is in the form of human, thing, event, and also phenomenon happen. That is as a variable which is needed to solve the problem or to support the success of the research.


In a research, there is a researcher which includes all of the subjects to be the object of the research, and there is also taking a part of the subject. Population is all of the subjects that became object of the research. And in this study, the writer takes the target population of this research includes all of students at the eleventh year of Rongolawe University(UNIROW) Tuban. There are three classes with 30 students.

2.2. Sample

Sample is a part of subject that is taken from all of the subjects and represents the population.

Act of this research needs a lot of money, time and also power. We need money for buying instrument of research, collecting the data, and also another thing which is in connection with doing the research. The cost of research will be higher if it is done for all of subjects of the research or Recollect the limitation of time, money, and power in this study, the writer takes the sample all of students at the eleventh class which consists of 30 students because most of them have more ability on English lesson, especially on grammatical rule. The students who are taken by the researcher by disarranged. Or the researcher takes ten students from three classes who has higher grade in English.

3. Data Collection

3.1. The Instrument

Research usually is done to get information which is needed by a researcher. That information will be important to the researcher to solve a problem. And to get specific information about the errors on using the verb “be” in the students written composition, the writer uses two kinds of instruments as follows:


3.1.1. Test

In discussing about test we must remember that including of test is wide enough. In a great lines, test is divided into two parts, namely subjective and objective test. Subjective test is also called as an essay and objective test usually in the form of multiple choices.

In this research the writer will use a test, mainly essay test where the students have to express their ideas by writing composition.

In this study, the result which is expected by the writer is quantitative data, because the writer presents the result by using statistic data to show how far students’ errors on using the verb “be” on their composition’s.

3.1.2. Observation

The assessment done with observation technique is evaluation by doing the observation directly, accurately and also systematically. The activities of observation is followed by

registration towards a thing which is observed.

Based on the plan of work by the researcher, observation is divided into two kinds; those are structural and non-structural observation.

In structural observation is controlled and limited by particular framework that has been made systematically. Contains, intend or anything have to be observed has been fixed and limited.

Beside that, non-structural observation is not limited by framework. This act is only limited by the purpose of doing observation. And the activity of observation is done to the salvation which is created deliberately. But non-structural observation does the activities in the situation which is created deliberately by students. And in this study, the researcher does non-structural observation to the students’ written composition. She observes the composition that are written by the students of Rongolawe University(UNIROW) Tuban. She will observe the composition sentence by sentence. Then she analyses the sentences having errors, especially in using the verb “be”.



4. Method of Analyzing the Data

In the area of analyzing there are two methods which are usually used. There are statistical data analysis and non-statistical data analysis. Sudjana (1975:3) says that statistical data analysis is the method which is used to collect, arranges, present and analyze the data in the form of numbers.

While non-statically data analysis is the method which is used to collect, arrange, present and analyze the data without using numbers.

In this study, the writer use statistical data analysis. In this occasion, the writer know how many students who make errors on using the verb “be” on their written composition that may be found on the data. By using statistical data, we can get the description about how far the errors on the use of the verb “be” made by the students of Rongolawe University(UNIROW) Tuban in their composition. The writer shows the fact on the table percentage which use formulated as follow:

n %=Fx100%

Note :

n % = The percentage of students’ error on using the verb “be”

F = A number of students who make an error on using the verb “be”

N = All of the students who to be the subject of the research

The sample was given to public with a hope that it will aid anyone who need help in creating Skripsi, Thesis or an essay. Using the example as reference is encouraged and don’t forget to write the source at this page. Chapter 3 in Skripsi can be the most difficult part for some local students. Let’s hope this example will guide them on how to write good chapter three without the need for revisions. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).
Happy reading

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