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Example of Figurative Language Analysis in Essay or Poetry

Essay written by popular authors sometimes contain figurative languages. Popular author such as Krashen and Mochammad Rifai embed figurative languages in the contents of their great work such as essay or Skripsi and even Thesis. The popularity of Figurative Languages grow up when lots of popular profile using it in their daily activities. Singer, Teacher and even Politicians, use it to express their ideas. Figurative languages can be used for lots of advantages. However, not all person understand about Figurative languages. Even if they don’t really know all the type of figurative languages, the information or ideas expressed using Figurative languages are easily to understand. Let’s face it, not all people know about Figurative Languages. But how do they understand the message sent using Figurative languages? The answer is easy. Keep reading the illustration below.

Lots of people don’t know how to make a huge metal flies in the sky but many of them know if an aero plane able to do that. We don’t know on how to turn the minerals to be cement or other materials but we understand it is possible. We know the cement was created using complex mechanism. Basically we understand lots of things but didn’t really know the name of it. I wish the ilustration above didn’t confuse the readers. 😀 If so, keep reading and hope it clear all the confusion.

“I see you so beautiful as butterfly”. Sometimes I remember a simple poem made by Mochammad Rifai which was written about two years ago when I met him in the library. it was ten days before I graduated from the university. Here is the example of Figurative Languages in simple poetry written by Him.
I know everything will not going to be same again.
I know you’ll never comeback again at this place.
I even know you may leave me alone in this cage.
But I know, One thing.
I believe you’ll comeback for me.
Take me out from miserable.
and I thank you for your kindness.
accompany me in all my sadness.
I see you so beautiful as butterfly.
and I like it so much.

By reading the simple poetry above, You’ll notice if I using bold and italic in second sentences from the last line. It was using Figurative languages. The Author (Mochammad Rifai) compare me with Butterfly. Almost all people will understand the message from the simple poetry above but unable to realize if the second sentences from the last line was using figurative languages to express the feelings. That is what I mean not all people understand about Figurative Languages but they able to understand the expression or any message from it.An example of Figurative languages in Essay is available below. It is taken from Mohammad Rifai’s article which is posted in local magazines. Let’s read it.

arick unirowSome teachers in local areas were using outdated techniques in teaching their student. Such techniques will make students lose their chances to be smarter than before. The teachers should responsible for it. Many parents punish their kids for their bad result in exams or when they were unable to enter their favorite institution due to their low knowledge in some study. All parents should understand if the problems is not in their kids but it is in the education system given for them. Most of the times, it is because of the teacher whom have low qualities in teaching. It is impossible to make student smarter if the teachers have low qualification on teaching. Brainless students as donkey can be turned into brilliant if they were taught using the best methods in teaching. It is the foul of our education system that allow such useless teacher to teach the students. Maybe the government should find another methods to produce the high qualities teacher or the students will severe from the bad decision made by the government.

A sentences in the bold and italic is figurative languages. It is a piece of essay written by Mochammad Rifai whom actively monitor the education system in local areas. Many of his writing were posted in local magazines and newspapers. The example provided above has been granted to be posted here. Just like as the poem above,Many people may hard to realize if both of them were figurative languages. But the fact is, almost all people understand the content. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).

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