Monday , June 1 2020

How to make clear communications in Quantum Teaching

Ever wonder to have a clear communication while teaching or learning? This article may able to give simple explanation on how to achieve it faster. To be able to have a clear communication, we have to understand on how to create clear conversation. Clear conversation is basically the same as clear communication. The difference is clear conversation used in any activity involved in conversation while clear communication is used in any activity related with communication and interaction using any media.

Clear communication in quantum teaching is possible by using the following outlines:

  1. Prepare for the topic. Always make sure to fully understand the topic or at least know the basic information about the topic that will be discussed. It is best to use any available resources and tools to gain the knowledge. Internet is the valuable sources of information and use it for your own advantages.
  2. Use simple words and sentences. Avoid using complex words even the others may understand about it. Using various uncommon and complex words will only lead to troubles. People need clear information and only use simple sentences. you may want to use complex words after using the simple first. If others seems understand about it, you may continue use it. However, I didn’t recommend to use it for clear communication in Quantum Teaching. Using complex and difficult words didn’t always mean professional. Sometimes it even mean dumb. Always think before using it.
  3. Speak when it is necessary. Don’t talk too much because you may lose controls. While learning, it is best to arrange any words first. Talking too much and the result may looks bad. Always talk when the times come.
  4. Don’t be afraid to talk. While communication involve conversation, as students or teachers, it is necessary to talk based on the skills. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Everyone ever done it.
  5. Learn from the experiences. It is best to learn from previous mistakes to achieve better skills in communication using Quantum Teaching method.

Five outline above is not covering on how to HAVE clear communication BY using quantum teaching. It only cover on how to MAKE clear communication IN quantum teaching. Pay attention on the words using caps above. Lots of teacher and students asking both of them and this article only cover the most request only. The other may going to be posted here in this blog. I’m afraid many readers didn’t fully understand this article. hopefully, they may read the last paragraph and aware of it. MAKE clear communication and HAVE clear communication is different. Both of them didn’t use the same methods. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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