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Journal how to Teach Reading using Quantum Learning Method

Teaching students using Quantum Learning Method is an activity that combine both joy and learning at the same time. Reading is an activity related with understanding texts and pronounce it clearly to fully understand and deliver the meaning at the same time. All problems related with teaching can be solved by using appropriate techniques that have been practiced long time ago. The use of Quantum learning method in reading classes will will make students experience the new way of learning a language.

Teaching reading can be done by asking students to read particular texts. All teacher know this fact. However, directly asking student to read it is not recommended because it will not only make them have hard time in learning, most of the times they will avoid the lesson as well. As a teacher, it is important to find a new way in teaching that make students love to do that without the need to ask for it. Quantum learning method has been the answer for a decade. By applying a new method that make students enjoy reading the text and gain knowledge, Quantum Method have been encouraged to be used at English classes.

While teaching students using Quantum teaching method is encouraged, only few teachers really understand the real concept. Most of them will think if quantum teaching method is an activity that related with games and laugh. No, that was wrong. Quantum teaching method is an advanced method that was not only about laugh. It is a mechanism to make student enjoy the lesson and they voluntarily do it for themselves. Sometimes it is not necessary to make them laugh, it is more important to make them said “I can do this sir, let me do this”. If they love to do any activities related with studying, then the quantum teaching method surely work. However, if they laugh all the times but didn’t want to learn by themselves, then there is no doubt if quantum teaching was not fully applied correctly.

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As a teacher, we may ask student to read the text using their own spelling and pronunciation. Everyone make a mistake and don’t worry if they make lots. Just give them a quiz on who can read text clearly and better than the others. Just make sure to form multiple group of students and each group consist of several students. Each group must have a student that must read the text. Each group must give the value on the person who read the text. In the end, any group can give ten words and selected group must spell it correctly, if they fail then the point will not increase. If they success in reading it, they will gain the points. This activity will not only bring the joy but also make them more smarter than before. They will learn on how to express their ideas and respecting other while at the same times gain more knowledge in reading and bring interesting competition among them. Quantum teaching is not about joy, it is about transferring knowledge faster and easier that involves students minds. using quantum teaching in English reading class is recommended. I do prefer calling Quantum Teaching Method for teacher and Quantum Learning method for students. But it just a name. The important is on how we understand about it. Read Definition, Benefits and Usage of Quantum Teaching for more info. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah – the writer have been experimenting with various teaching method for years).

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