Saturday , May 30 2020

Learning English can be fun (Added a High Profile author to this blog)

Learning English require lots of fun. That is what he think in all of his writing. Today, I’m turning on my lovely notebook and connect it to the internet. As usual, I begin my activity by checking my website to see if there are comments in the queue. Then I checking my profile in some social networks. Still, there is nothing new. I decided to check the messages. When I login to my special email created by using Google Apps, I see a title of an email market with red color. I was shocked when I know the people who sent it to my inbox. I finally receive a letter from him. It contains the answers of all my wishes and requests. I read the title “I’m not as good as what you think”. Reading the title alone make me nervous. I decided to click it and the content showed in the same window. Reading the first line make really worried. “I have read few of your messages sent couple of weeks ago and I have to tell you if I’m not that good as what you might think. I believe you still didn’t know about me”. I stopped and hold my breath, ready to counter any bad situation that may arise. ‘She must reject it again, like as few weeks ago’ I said it to myself. After take a deep breath, I continue reading the whole content. “But I see you were really trust me and it make me think to accept your requests. I have been logging in to the your site by using the special account sent to my inbox and ready to write some articles for your visitors. I wish you can guide me on how to write in your blog as I’m new to any features you may have installed on it”. Wow, It seems he really think of my requests.

I see he is really consider my offers. As a blogger, he have been wrote several articles in the past that have been published in several local newspapers. He is special blogger that left the blogging world due to some reasons. His several blog were neglected and he didn’t want to manage it because of individual reasons that I’m aware of. I have invited him many times to join this blog and write some articles. To be honest, This blog was exist because of his hard work starting from 2009. After a year struggle to get the domain, He decide to get this blog running up around June 2010 along with some of his other domains. The domain then transferred to my account and he gave it to me freely. Starting from that year (June 2010), I wrote few articles to my first blog. After writing for two years (June 2012) He came back for me.

If it is not because of him, I may not be able to have this precious blog. I’m so happy that he decide to manage this blog again with me. Learning English can be really fun with him along in my side. We have discuss some job description and he will help me in developing this blog to make it even better. I always remember his words “You can do it. Keep your spirits and you will get it”. With him helping me manage this blog, I can finally focus on my daily activities as my jobs in the ‘real world’ are impossible to be completed without real focus. Teaching my students require lots of times and doing some researches drain my free times as well. If he help me with his skills, surely I can depend on him to manage this blog.

In the past, this blog was managed by him before he hand it to me. Now, we are managing this blog together. Any previous questions and opinions from readers will be answered by him. I’m glad he want to manage this site again. I want to tell you lots of stories about it but I believe it may not interest you. This post is just to express my gratitude because the real owner have been ‘going home’. I thank him really much for developing this site and hosted it at his account since few years ago.

just to let you know, His name is Mochammad Rifai. All of his readers call him ARICK. I know him pretty well and there is another fact about him that make me somewhat really happy. Should I tell you? No, you have to figure it out by yourself. 🙂 NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).

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