Monday , June 1 2020

Learning while Playing or Thinking is possible

Playing games is an enjoyable moment. While playing games can be really bad for students, I encourage any parents to allow their kids to play games. This is due to the reasons if playing games can make them even smarter than before. Let’s analyze it together. Playing games require lots of skills. In many cases, gamer will think on how to solve the problems. This will make them able to think quickly than the others whom never playing games. Gamer also have the possibility to be better than non gamer.

Thinking faster is an essential while learning a something. By thinking faster, it can be measured if lots of knowledge can be retrieved in no times. This is why playing games is not a forbidden activities. Student who is able to think faster will be able to choose the right options faster than others. In many situation, thinking faster will affect the results.

Playing games can be really bad, yes that was true, however, not all parents know if playing games can be really great too. Games has lots of challenges. Each challenges need lots of attention and techniques to be solved. Playing games will change the way students think. It will make them able to observe the situation and use any available clue to solve any assignment given to them. It will not only benefit the students but the teachers also like it as well.

Playing games and learning were not too different. Both of them should not being separated. Combine them and students will surely love it. The question is, can anyone do it? Well, it isn’t that hard at all. Give students appropriate games and in next few weeks the results will be shown.

Just make sure to give students free times to play games and if necessary, it is better to accompany them playing games. If they play too much, consider to ask them doing any other activities without make them sad or upset. Just invite them to engage in a something more interesting that benefit them and they will not going to play that much again.

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